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A Brief Guide to Selling Silver Dollars, Cincinnati, Ohio
In its relatively short history as a nation, the U.S. has acquired a number of treasures and achievements. To numismatic enthusiasts, the silver dollar is one, and the coin continues to earn record-breaking valuations. If you h...read more
3 Benefits of Buying Precious Metals, Cincinnati, Ohio
Facing an uncertain economic future due to COVID-19, many are turning to precious metals like gold bullion and silver. While rare, their value remains unaffected by inflation, they are a safe investment, and they can bolster ...read more
Cincinnati, OH Hobby Shops Businesses
Coins Plus, Hobby Shops, Coin Collecting, Cincinnati, Ohio
225 East 6th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 621-1996
Since beginning in 1972, Coins Plus has become an institution in the world of rare coin trading, coin appraisal, and gold bullion dealing. The partners in this dealership are each nationally recognized industry experts, each with numerou...
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Hidden Coin Values !!!, Cincinnati, Ohio
HIDDEN VALUE Here at Coins Plus we pride ourselves on knowing more about classic United States coins than our competitors. Would other coin dealers know why Coins Plus paid $6600 for...read more
How to Start a Coin Collection, Cincinnati, Ohio
Like any memorable achievement, your coin collection will have to start from scratch. However, with a bit of research and shopping around, you can build a collection you will be...read more
3 Reasons to Own Gold , Cincinnati, Ohio
Gold is cherished throughout the world and has a long history in many cultures. Throughout the years, people have held onto this metal, as it maintains value even when other types of...read more
Should You Clean Your Coin Collection?, Cincinnati, Ohio
When you care about an investment, such as a home or an antique car, cleaning it almost becomes second nature. However, when it comes to your coin collection, this maintenance task i...read more
How to Determine If a Gold Coin Is Real, Cincinnati, Ohio
As an aspiring coin collector, you may have had the desire to add some gold pieces to your assemblage. However, since the precious metal is more valuable than silver, nickel, and cop...read more
How Paper Money Has Developed in the U.S., Cincinnati, Ohio
When you pull out a $20 bill at the gas station or a $5 bill at the movie theater concession stand, you likely do not think of how that paper money wound up in your hands. Howev...read more
What Affects the Value of Pennies?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether you are cleaning out the couch cushions or rummaging through your purse, you might not give much thought to the pennies in your possession. However, these copper coins are no...read more
A Brief Guide to Error Coins, Cincinnati, Ohio
From black sand beaches to hairless cats, many of the world’s most talked-about, sought-after things are prized because of their differences. In the world of numismatics, the most pr...read more
Should You Invest in Bullion Bars or Coins?, Cincinnati, Ohio
As you accumulate savings, assets, and investments with which to build your estate, you will want to know that the fruits of your hard work are here to stay. Unfortunately, fluctuati...read more
An Introduction to the 2020 Silver Eagle for Coin Collectors, Cincinnati, Ohio
With a number so futuristic-looking, you might be excited just to get a standard penny for your 2020 collection. However, this year presents coin collectors with a special piece of c...read more
3 of the Most Valuable United States Coins, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether you are interested in WWI history or the Pennsylvania mint, you understand the joy of being a coin collector—owning something that has passed through time and plenty of other...read more
Learn About the History of Coins at Your Local Library, Cincinnati, Ohio
February 17, 2020 6:30PM - February 17, 2020 8:30PM
Whether you are filling your tires at the gas station or buying a hot dog at a sporting event, you may not have given much thought to the coins used to complete the transaction. Howe...read more
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What Are U.S. Mint Proof Sets?, Cincinnati, Ohio
As a coin collector, you will encounter numerous different types of coins, but none is more beautiful than a Proof Set.   What Is a United States Mint Proof Set? In the e...read more
A Coin Collector's Guide to the American Silver Eagle, Cincinnati, Ohio
While it might seem like there are an infinite number of coins in the world, there are always those that stand out to coin collectors far and wide. One such piece of currency is...read more
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