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3 Ways to Promote Pool Safety, Troy, Missouri
Although an in-ground pool will provide endless entertainment for your kids this summer, it’s important to make sure you’re following correct pool safety protocols. Here are some ways you can make sure everyone is safe in your swimm...read more
3 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool for Your Staycation, Troy, Missouri
Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are putting a damper on many families’ summer vacation plans. To make summer spent at home enjoyable for your household, buy an above- or in-ground pool. For more incentive ...read more
St. Charles, MO Swimming Pool Businesses
The Pool Guys , Pool and Spa Service, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Repair, Troy, Missouri
737 Old Moscow Mills Rd
Troy, MO 63379
(636) 462-7665
Turning your backyard into a tropical oasis is easy and affordable when you enlist professional help from  The Pool Guys. Located in Troy, MO, they’ve been transforming pools all across the area for the past 30 years, and their team...
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Why Pool Contractors Recommend Weekly Water Testing, Troy, Missouri
If you own a swimming pool or hot tub, it’s wise to have a pool contractor test the water weekly. Whether your family swims daily or only soaks on weekends, the water quality wi...read more
Mobile Water Testing Deal!, Troy, Missouri
Purchase $300 worth of BioGuard chemicals with us up front and we will come test your water once a month for the length that your pool is open this year. Our goal is to bring our sto...read more
6 Maintenance Tips for Opening Your Pool This Season, Troy, Missouri
If you have an in-ground pool, you know how important it is to open the structure properly for the season. That will give you the opportunity to make sure it’s in good shape and prep...read more
3 Exercises for Working Out in a Pool, Troy, Missouri
During the winter, many people use indoor in-ground pools to work out. These temperature-controlled environments provide the perfect places to work toward your fitness...read more
4 Tips for Maintaining an In-Ground Pool in the Off-Season, Troy, Missouri
Missouri’s frigid winter temperatures keep residents from using their in-ground pools until spring arrives. However, if you intend to use the swimming pool when the weather warms up,...read more
How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub, Troy, Missouri
Hot tubs were made for sitting and relaxing, but there are even more ways to enjoy them. Why not maximize the fun? Check out the list below for some suggestions. 5 Ways to...read more
4 Swimming Pool Trends to Inspire You, Troy, Missouri
If you’re planning on installing a swimming pool in your yard, there are a variety of pool design options to consider. Some creative minds have come up with fun, unique, an...read more
4 Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool, Troy, Missouri
There is a lot to think about before starting a pool installation. To facilitate a safe, enjoyable space, you’ll have to consider some key factors before diving in. Here are a f...read more
3 Steps to Close an In-Ground Pool for Winter, Troy, Missouri
Over the winter, most homeowners in Missouri close up their in-ground pool. Doing so protects it during the cold season so that it will be clean and in good condition when ...read more
3 Health Reasons to Regularly Soak in a Hot Tub, Troy, Missouri
The grind of daily life can cause all sorts of emotional and physical problems. Finding a way to counteract these effects is key to maintaining your well-being. For many people today...read more
5 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub, Troy, Missouri
Hot tubs are more than just a place to relax and unwind; they also provide advantages to your health and physical well-being. While hot tubs are available for use in many p...read more
4 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy, Troy, Missouri
Swimming pools are an ideal place to relax and cool off on summer days. Moreover, they are a superb tool for getting in shape, making aquatic therapy convenient for patients in need ...read more
4 Tips for Preventing Pool Algae, Troy, Missouri
While the algae responsible for turning above- and in-ground pool water green isn’t inherently dangerous, it looks unsightly and creates slippery, hazardous surfaces. The aquatic org...read more
3 Factors to Consider for Pool Construction, Troy, Missouri
Adding a pool to your home is a perfect way to provide endless fun. However, it’s also a major commitment, which is why careful consideration is needed. Like any significant pur...read more
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