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3 Firearm Concealed Carry Tips Around Friends & Family, Columbia, Illinois
Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) is a privilege many firearm owners enjoy. It’s an immense responsibility, and part of it is understanding that guns make some people uncomfortable. You don’t want to create problems around friends a...read more
What to Know About CCW Renewal in Illinois, Columbia, Illinois
If you own a firearm in Illinois, you may have applied for a Carry and Concealed Weapon (CCW) license since they became legal in 2013. This permit allows you to take your weapon out of the house without having to display it, of...read more
Columbia, IL Rifle & Pistol Ranges Businesses
Shooter's Firearms & Indoor Range, Training Programs, Rifle & Pistol Ranges, Guns & Gunsmiths, Columbia, Illinois
310 BB Rd
Columbia, IL 62236
(618) 281-6393
Whether you want to buy a gun, improve your shooting skills, or get a concealed carry permit, Shooter’s is your one-stop firearms shop in Columbia, IL. The friendly staff at this gun retailer understand every facet of gun ownership, incl...
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What Is a Firearm Owners' Identification Card?, Columbia, Illinois
In Illinois, all gun owners must have a firearm owners’ identification card (FOID). The state police issue FOIDs and they also apply to ownership and possession of ammunition. I...read more
Celebrate Shooter’s 15th Anniversary with 15% Off , Columbia, Illinois
Shooter’s has been the one-stop firearms shop and shooting range for 15 years in Columbia, IL! Celebrate with them by enjoying 15% off all in-store merchandise during October, Novemb...read more
The Basics of Shooting Range Etiquette, Columbia, Illinois
Visiting a shooting range is an excellent way for gun enthusiasts to train and practice. While there, however, you must adhere to certain safety practices for the security of everyon...read more
3 Best Types of Firearms for Home Defense, Columbia, Illinois
While most people hope they never have to use firearms, many understand the benefit of having them in the house for protection. Having the right guns combined with the proper tr...read more
What Is a Firearm Transfer & How Is It Done? , Columbia, Illinois
Buying, selling, and gifting guns across state lines is a common practice referred to as a firearms transfer. While many people complete these transactions every day, the process can...read more
5 Tips for a Concealed Carry Beginner, Columbia, Illinois
If you have just gotten your concealed carry permit and are ready to carry your gun, you may have a few questions or concerns about how to proceed. Whether you are struggling with co...read more
3 Tips for Better Results at the Shooting Range, Columbia, Illinois
Marksmanship and gun handling are skills that can deteriorate without practice. As a responsible gun owner, you should have a training regimen that helps you maintain your shoot...read more
3 Tips to Improve Handgun Accuracy, Columbia, Illinois
Mastering a pistol requires time and practice. There are a number of ways to improve accuracy. By sticking with pro tips and creating a practice routine at the gun range, you’ll quic...read more
3 Tips for Teaching Kids Gun Safety, Columbia, Illinois
Handling firearms at any age requires skill and understanding. It’s crucial to take every precaution, however, if you own a gun and have children at home. Practicing basic gun safety...read more
3 Tips to Help You Dress for Concealed Carry, Columbia, Illinois
If you’re licensed to carry a concealed firearm, it’s important to dress properly for the role. While you want to wear fashionable and comfy clothes, you must also think about f...read more
5 Must-Follow Safety Rules for the Shooting Range, Columbia, Illinois
Whether you want to relieve some stress or are working on your accuracy, there’s nothing quite like heading to the shooting range. Because you will be there with others, it’s essenti...read more
What to Do Before Your Concealed Carry Training, Columbia, Illinois
Concealed carry training can help you better protect yourself and your family in a safe and approved way. These classes provide you with helpful tips and essential guidelines that yo...read more
3 Tips to Safely Store Guns at Home, Columbia, Illinois
Owning a gun is part of your lifestyle, but it’s also a major responsibility. If you plan to keep it inside your home, it’s important to take a few essential safety precautions. By k...read more
5 Benefits That Shooting Competitions Have to Offer, Columbia, Illinois
Shooting competitions provide the perfect opportunity to gather with other enthusiasts and show off your skills. However, they can seem slightly intimidating for those who are new to...read more
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