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5 Animals You Can Only See on a Scuba Diving Trip, Kettering, Ohio
When you go on a scuba diving trip, you’ll be treated to the vibrant colors and fascinating sights of the ocean floor. This includes getting up close to a wide range of wildlife. Outside of an aquarium, the only way you’ll see these crea...read more
Scuba Diving FAQ for Non-Divers, Kettering, Ohio
Scuba diving provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a totally different world. Whether you dive in the ocean or any other body of water, you get a real time glimpse of how life beneath the surface works. If this activity is comp...read more
Beavercreek, OH Diving Instruction Businesses
Southern Ohio Diving Academy, Other Water Sports, Diving Instruction, Scuba Diving, Dayton, Ohio
3351 E Stroop Rd
Dayton, OH 45440
Have you ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive? Or are you an old pro looking for higher level courses and top-of-the-line equipment? No matter where you are in your personal scuba adventure, you’ll fall in love with Southern Ohio Divin...
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3 Strategies to Stay Warm While Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio
Scuba diving is an incredible adventure, but it can be tough to appreciate the experience when you’re freezing. Maintaining your body heat can be tough when you’re deep underwater in...read more
3 Reasons to Enroll in Scuba Lessons, Kettering, Ohio
When you enroll in scuba lessons, you can unlock a portal to a whole new world. From multicolored coral reefs to angelfish and sea turtles, scuba diving provides a unique, up-close g...read more
3 Common Misconceptions About Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio
If you consider yourself a competent scuba diving enthusiast, odds are that you hold on to a few common beliefs about the water sport. While some may be based in truth, many of them ...read more
4 Packing Tips for a Scuba Diving Trip, Kettering, Ohio
As a scuba diving aficionado, it’s natural for you to be excited about an upcoming trip that involves your favorite underwater activity. But before embarking on this adventure, it’s ...read more
How to Check Your Cylinder Valve When Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio
If you’re an experienced scuba diver, then you understand how important proper safety precautions are. However, even the most seasoned divers can overlook small items from time to ti...read more
5 Ways to Improve Your Air Consumption While Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio
Nearly 3 million people participate in scuba diving each year, but some divers seem to breathe underwater much easier than others. How do they consume less air from th...read more
Dayton Diving Center Offers Holiday Deal for Certification, Kettering, Ohio
Recreational scuba diving is the best way to experience life underwater. It can give you a unique opportunity to explore the ocean and see marine wildlife up close and in its natural...read more
How the Dive Pirates Foundation Supports Adaptive Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio
Scuba diving is a fun and relaxing underwater activity that allows you to explore marine life directly in its natural habitat. It’s something that, given the necessary training, shou...read more
Sign Up Today for a 2018 Scuba Diving Trip to North Carolina, Kettering, Ohio
No matter your experience level, scuba diving is an absolute thrill. There’s nothing quite like the rush of that first dive, nor is there anything like the anticipation of knowing yo...read more
Join Dayton's Top Scuba Diving Academy for a Winter Trip to Cozumel, Kettering, Ohio
Scuba diving is an incredible way to explore the world, and fewer places offer more beauty than the coasts of Mexico. Every year, the Southern Ohio Diving Academy hosts a variety of ...read more
Diving Equipment Experts Debunk Shark Myths, Kettering, Ohio
It’s an experience for anyone looking for the ultimate adventure: diving with sharks. But as the diving equipment experts at Southern Ohio Diving Academy in Dayton, OH, note, ma...read more
3 Simple Steps to Earning Your Scuba Diving Certification, Kettering, Ohio
The chance to leave the world behind and sink into a silent realm filled with unique specimens is what has enticed so many individuals to learn how to dive. Yet, there may be so...read more
Dayton Diving Center Hosts Annual Tent Sale With Deals Up to 70% Off, Kettering, Ohio
Scuba diving enthusiasts in Dayton, OH, know anytime they need new gear, there’s no better place to go than the diving center at Southern Ohio Diving Academy. When the high...read more
Diving Center Instructors Share a Brief Guide to Freediving, Kettering, Ohio
When enjoying fun on the water, few things are more thrilling than exploring the aquatic life and vegetation just below the surface. For those who’ve mastered their scuba skills and ...read more
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