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3 Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you’ve been convicted of a crime, your criminal record can negatively impact your opportunities and standing within your local community.  However, by petitioning for criminal record expungement, you can essentially seal or ...read more
4 Regulations Every Boater in Ohio Should Know, Cincinnati, Ohio
Boating is a favorite summer activity for families across Ohio, many of whom love to spend their afternoons and weekends out on the state’s beautiful lakes and rivers. However, as much fun as the water can be, it’s also inherently danger...read more
Central Business District, OH DUI & DWI Law Businesses
James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, DUI & DWI Law, Cincinnati, Ohio
917 Main Street, Third Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202
If you've been accused of a crime, you need an experienced criminal attorney who will provide an aggressive defense and careful protection of your rights. James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law has more than 10 years' experience serving Cincinn...
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Released on Bail? 3 Actions You Should Avoid, Cincinnati, Ohio
Most defendants accused of a criminal offense will have the opportunity to post bail, allowing you to secure your release until the conclusion of your case. Being out of jail gives y...read more
3 Factors Used to Determine Bail Amounts, Cincinnati, Ohio
Bail allows a person charged with a criminal infraction to be released from jail and helps ensure they follow the requirements of the judicial process. When determining bail amo...read more
Is There a Difference Between Robbery & Theft?, Cincinnati, Ohio
In common conversation, people tend to use the words “theft” and “robbery” interchangeably, especially if they’ve been the victim of a crime. However, in the justice system, these te...read more
3 Ways Social Media Can Affect a Criminal Case, Cincinnati, Ohio
Any defense lawyer will tell you that you need to exercise caution when posting on social media. This is because law enforcement officials can use your posts as evidence against you ...read more
3 Things That Help Your Drug Offense Lawyer Mount a Defense, Cincinnati, Ohio
An arrest for drug trafficking or drug possession can have serious consequences; depending on the substance, you may even be charged with a felony. However, working with a drug ...read more
How Are Vehicular Manslaughter & Homicide Different in Ohio?, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you caused a car accident that resulted in someone’s death, Ohio courts consider several factors when determining the degree of misdemeanor or felony charges. Depending on th...read more
A Guide to Sexual Harassment Cases, Cincinnati, Ohio
While not a felony, sexual harassment is a serious civil liability that may result in court cases, damages, and publicly released allegations. Whether you’re a victim or the accused,...read more
A Criminal Defense Guide for Theft, Cincinnati, Ohio
In general, you can be accused of theft whenever you take another person's property without permission. While this might sound straightforward, it’s actually a broad legal term that ...read more
A Guide to the Miranda Rights, Cincinnati, Ohio
Every American citizen has rights, and knowing what they are could help you work through unexpected situations. The Miranda rights are one such example. Established back in 1966, the...read more
Could Using Fireworks in Ohio Leave You Needing a Defense Attorney?, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Fourth of July is almost here, and for countless Americans, that means one thing—fireworks. On any given day, you can drive around and see signs from places outside of Ohio that ...read more
5 Tips for Avoiding a Reckless Driving Charge , Cincinnati, Ohio
Reckless driving puts people in significant danger and causes numerous accidents every year. As such, Ohio takes reckless driving seriously and imposes much harsher penalties for thi...read more
What Are the Different Degrees of a Robbery?, Cincinnati, Ohio
The legal definition of a robbery is when a criminal takes something by force that belongs to another individual. Like most crimes, the severity of such thefts can vary from case to ...read more
How Drug Crimes Can Impact Your Immigration Status, Cincinnati, Ohio
Drug crimes can carry serious consequences for any person, but they are particularly threatening to noncitizens of the United States. In addition to legal fees, these offenses can of...read more
3 Facts About Underage Drinking & Driving, Cincinnati, Ohio
As young people gear up for proms, graduations, and end-of-school fun, some might engage in underage drinking. To make matters worse, teens who consume alcohol cause numerous drunk d...read more
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