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A Guide to DUIs & DWIs , Cincinnati, Ohio
Making the distinction between a DUI and a OVI is complicated for many people. Both are acronyms commonly used to describe the act of drinking and driving; however, it depends on the state which term is referenced. As such, this can caus...read more
Factors That Can Contribute to Juvenile Delinquency, Cincinnati, Ohio
Juvenile delinquency is a term commonly used to describe any criminal offenses committed by a person under the age of 18. There is no one single cause of juvenile delinquency. A number of different issues determine whether a minor choose...read more
Central Business District, OH DUI & DWI Law Businesses
James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, DUI & DWI Law, Cincinnati, Ohio
917 Main Street, Third Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202
If you've been accused of a crime, you need an experienced criminal attorney who will provide an aggressive defense and careful protection of your rights. James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law has more than 10 years' experience serving Cincinn...
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The Worst Days of the Year for Drunk Driving, Cincinnati, Ohio
During certain occasions and times of the year when it's common to gather together and make merriment, it stands to reason that these are the days when drunk driving is more prevalen...read more
What Makes an OVI a Felony?, Cincinnati, Ohio
The first three charges for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) usually qualify as misdemeanors of varying degrees. However, after a certain point, an OVI becomes a fe...read more
What Criminal Records Qualify for Expungement in Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio
Having a criminal record can complicate almost every aspect of your life, making it difficult to find a job or even rent an apartment. Fortunately, some states allow those who have c...read more
What to Know Before Using Bird® Scooters in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
This summer, Bird® expanded into Cincinnati, bringing their innovative ride-share program and a fleet of motorized scooters into the city. While these easy, inexpensive scooters will...read more
Can Police Pull You Over for Driving Too Slowly?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Speeding is a fairly common occurrence, and most motorists can expect to receive a ticket for doing so at some point in their lifetime. Few drivers expect to be cited for travel...read more
What You Should Do After a Hit-&-Run Accident, Cincinnati, Ohio
Each state requires all drivers involved in an accident to stop their vehicles and identify themselves, especially if someone was injured. Failing to do so could expose you to misdem...read more
A Comprehensive Guide to Mayor's Court , Cincinnati, Ohio
If you have been accused of committing a traffic violation or minor misdemeanor in the state of Ohio, you may have to go to a mayor’s court. This local court hears cases involvi...read more
What's the Difference Between Blue- & White-Collar Crimes?, Cincinnati, Ohio
The terms “white-collar” and “blue-collar” might not be part of the criminal code, but they are frequently used in news media to discuss different types of offenses. In fact, they’re...read more
What to Know About Trying Juveniles in Adult Court, Cincinnati, Ohio
The United States justice system is set up to deal with juvenile delinquency in courts specially reserved for minors, while those over the age of 18 are tried in separate adult crimi...read more
What Happens After You Receive a Drunk Driving Charge?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Getting charged with driving under the influence can be a scary experience. To navigate the moments, hours, and days immediately following a DUI arrest, it can be helpful to know wha...read more
What a Defense Attorney Wants You to Know About Fireworks Laws in Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fireworks can be utterly spectacular, but in the wrong hands, they are incredibly dangerous. Because the misuse of fireworks can have life-threatening consequences, every state regul...read more
What Happens When an Officer Doesn't Read You Your Rights, Cincinnati, Ohio
Popular culture often creates the impression that a defense lawyer can have your charges dismissed if the arresting officer failed to read you your rights. However, the issue is...read more
Understanding Social Host Liability in Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio
Social host laws provide possible avenues for holding drunk drivers liable for car crashes; however, liability applies only to cases where the drunk driver was a minor. It’s imp...read more
Ohio Defense Attorney Discusses Reckless Driving Risks for Teen Drivers, Cincinnati, Ohio
Reckless driving occurs when someone operates a vehicle in such a manner that is known to pose a risk to others. While this is a common cause of accidents for motorists of any age gr...read more
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