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A Guide to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy , Foley, Alabama
Bankruptcy laws exist to help debtors regain financial freedom from insurmountable debt. However, before submitting your petition to the court, it’s important to understand the different options and what you can expect from each one. Cha...read more
3 Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Foley, Alabama
A chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an opportunity to reclaim your life from debt, but it’s also an intimidating process for many. Even before filing for bankruptcy, simple mistakes can make some debts ineligible for discharge or might cause y...read more
Foley, AL DUI & DWI Law Businesses
Pearce Law Firm, DUI & DWI Law, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Foley, Alabama
102 South Juniper Street
Foley, AL 36535
(251) 971-2676
Dealing with financial trouble can seem hopeless, especially when you're constantly struggling just to keep your head above water. Fortunately, the bankruptcy attorneys at Pearce Law Firm have the experience and skills needed to hel...
Angela L Walker PC Law Office, Drug Crimes Law, Criminal Law, DUI & DWI Law, Foley, Alabama
307 S Mckenzie St Ste 106
Foley, AL 36535
(251) 970-2575
If you are convicted of a crime, it will follow you for the rest of your life. Any time you apply for a job, try to rent a home, and or pursue a college education, your criminal record will be there to make things more difficult than the...
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What Is the Alabama Law for Proper Drug Storage?, Foley, Alabama
You probably wouldn’t think that carrying and taking your prescription medications could result in being charged with a drug crime. However, there are specific laws in many states th...read more
A Guide to Theft Offenses in Alabama, Foley, Alabama
If you were recently charged with stealing property, goods, or money, you’re likely wondering what to expect from the upcoming proceedings. Working with a theft lawyer to understand ...read more
What Is a Secured Credit Card?, Foley, Alabama
A secured credit card requires you to make a deposit that then becomes your available credit line. It’s a convenient and valuable tool for people who have no credit built up or&...read more
A Guide to Posting Bail While Appealing a Conviction, Foley, Alabama
After you were convicted of a crime, you may wish to appeal the conviction. Under such circumstances, you'll likely also want to postpone any incarceration until the appeal is o...read more
What to Know Before Hiring a DUI Attorney, Foley, Alabama
A DUI charge is always a serious matter that may lead to severe penalties, including the possibility of jail time. If you have a competent DUI attorney, you can better understand how...read more
3 Factors That Can Affect Your DUI Case, Foley, Alabama
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense that can result in a loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, and jail time. Fortunately, getting arrested for a ...read more
3 Questions Millennials Should Ask Before Filing Bankruptcy, Foley, Alabama
With the pressures of student loan debt, stagnant wages, and the high cost of living, millennials have considerable financial stresses to manage. While bankruptcy offers a viable sol...read more
What to Do After Being Charged With a Felony, Foley, Alabama
Whatever you’ve been accused of, a felony charge can be life-changing. Despite your own shock, it’s important to approach the minutes and days following your arrest with calculated c...read more
Understanding Alabama Burglary Laws , Foley, Alabama
Burglary is considered a serious crime in Alabama. All of the charges related to this offense are classified as felonies, which means a conviction can have severe consequences. ...read more
3 Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit After Declaring Bankruptcy, Foley, Alabama
While bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start, it’s not without its drawbacks. For example, your credit score could drop by 100 points or more in the immediate after...read more
A Guide to Marijuana Possession Charges in Alabama, Foley, Alabama
Unlike many other states, Alabama has not decriminalized marijuana, so the possession of any amount is considered a serious offense. Under Alabama’s criminal law system, anyone ...read more
Can My Creditors Continue to Harass Me After Filling Bankruptcy?, Foley, Alabama
While the primary reason to file bankruptcy is to help you get out of debt, people also assume it will give them a break from their creditors. While this is partly true, it does...read more
Use These Tips to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy, Foley, Alabama
Although discharging debt through bankruptcy makes financial sense for many Americans, it comes with a few major caveats. One of the biggest drawbacks is the impact filing has o...read more
What Are the Consequences of Multiple DUIs in Alabama?, Foley, Alabama
Driving under the influence is illegal in the state of Alabama, with serious penalties for those caught inebriated behind the wheel. A first-time DUI charge could mean fines of ...read more
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