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Mockin Slavin Donnelly, LLP, Landlord & Tenant Law, Criminal Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Milwaukie, Oregon
2029 SE Jefferson Street, Ste. 101
Milwaukie, OR 97222
(503) 303-5794
Mockrin Slavin Donnelly, LLP is a respected Oregon law firm with a great reputation, both among former clients and the legal community. Offering legal counsel across a variety of practice areas, including criminal law, domestic relations...
The Rent Is Too Damn High: Termination Of Residential Tenancies For Non-Payment Of Rent, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Updated by Kit DonnelluThe cost of renting a home has become a nation-wide issue, as demonstrated by the rise of the ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High’ political party based in New York. more
Tide of Public Sentiment Changing on Criminal Defense?, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
-Updated by Karen MockrinI suppose I should be used to it by now. Questions like, "How can you defend those people?" or make comments that reveal they presume the guilt of anyone more
Is It A Crime To Encourage Someone To Commit Suicide?, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Posted by Kit DonnellyIn 2014, a Massachusetts teen named Conrad Roy III, who had suffered from depression and mental health issues off-and-on for years, ended his own life. His more
Is There a 0.08 for Marijuana?, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
I dunno. But it would seem our laws really need to grapple with this around the country. A paper based in Albany, NY covered the disparate tests and standards different states are more
Prove My Gun Wasn't in an Open Belt Holster, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Under ORS 166.250, it is illegal in Oregon to carry a concealed firearm. Under section three of that statute, a firearm is not concealed if it is carried openly in a belt holster. more
Police Body Cams: To Film or Not to Film, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Having tried a resisting arrest case in which dash cam evidence was indispensable to my client's acquittal, I welcome the new body cams coming to police in Oregon. But there is more
Discovery: The Necessity of Compliance, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Family law cases, like all civil cases, involve a discovery process. Discovery means finding information, whether from the opposing party or from third parties. If you are a party more
Seriously, It's Your Right to REMAIN Silent, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
By Karen Mockrin, Partner at Bodzin Donnelly Mockrin & Slavin, LLPI'm the proverbial broken record about the right to remain silent. It seems so rarely invoked when it should more
COA: Each Neglected Animal (Really) Is a Victim, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
The Oregon Court of Appeals decided on August 19, 2015 that defendants may not merge multiple charges of animal neglect. Each animal is a separate victim under the law. In State more
Retroactive Legal Treatment for MJ Convictions, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
It's a happy possibility at least. As Oregon has joined the few states that legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use, there just might be hope that people convicted under more
Settlement Vs. Trial in Family Law Cases, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Posted by Ian Jeffrey SlavinFamily law cases are difficult for both parties to endure; even more so for the children who must deal with parents who are contentious with each other. more
Custody Evaluators and Children's Attorney, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
By Ian Jeffrey SlavinFamily law cases involving child custody and parenting time disputes are difficult at best to resolve amicably. Parents usually find themselves fighting harder more
Calculating Child Support in Oregon, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Introduction Calculating child support in Oregon is a deceptively simple process. Really, you can calculate the most basic child support obligation using the online calculator at more
Learn About The Process of Filing For Bankruptcy—From Portland-based Bankruptcy Lawyers, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Since its inception, Bodzin Donnelly Mockrin & Slavin, LLP have been excelling in all aspects of legal representation. Whether you need a traffic law attorney, a criminal more
Respected Portland Attorneys Explain The Boundaries of Legal Representation, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
The legal process can often be complex and intimidating, giving rise to many misconceptions about rights, responsibilities, and the proper role of your attorney. According to more
Oregon’s Fastest Rising Defense Attorneys Explain How to Plead The Fifth!, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
If you’ve ever watched a cop TV series you have probably listened to people say to the arresting officer or deposing lawyer, “I plead the Fifth”. Well, what does that mean exactly? more