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4 Common Tax Questions Answered , Albemarle, North Carolina
Tax season is a confusing time for many older people, but if you’re new to the filing process, it may seem especially daunting. Accurate and careful tax preparation can yield a significant refund, while even the slightest mistake has the...read more
Commercial Insurance, Albemarle, North Carolina
Is your companies Insurance coming up for renewal? Give us a call today at 704-986-2222 for a free quote. read more
Stanly, NC Home Insurance Businesses
A Affordable Insurance Services LLC, Business Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Albemarle, North Carolina
1305 Bird Rd
Albemarle, NC 28001-5362
Insurance plays a vital role in protecting you, your family, and your assets when life takes an unexpected turn. This is why it’s important to purchase your policies from an agency you know you can trust, and for the residents of Stanly ...
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3 Common Causes of House Fires, Albemarle, North Carolina
While homeowners insurance protects your future in the event a fire, taking steps to prevent fires from happening in the first place can keep you safe now. You should ...read more
Top 3 Home Maintenance Tasks to Avoid Bigger Problems, Albemarle, North Carolina
Regular home maintenance not only helps keep your house and yard looking their best, but they also forestall problems that could result in the hassle and expense of a homeowners...read more
3 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Rates, Albemarle, North Carolina
Auto insurance rates can seem somewhat arbitrary, especially when prices vary a lot from one company to the next. However, the premiums insurers choose are based on decades of h...read more
4 Reasons Why Auto Insurance Rates Increase, Albemarle, North Carolina
Each month or year, most drivers faithfully pay their auto insurance premiums. But how are those rates determined? And what can cause them to increase? Insurance providers revie...read more
Motorcycle Insurance Agents Discuss 3 Important Safety Tips, Albemarle, North Carolina
A motorcycle is a truly unique way to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Although it’s an exhilarating, adventurous experience, the harsh reality is that motorcycling can be very da...read more
5 Things you want to know about your insurance coverages and fallen tree's. , Albemarle, North Carolina
If there’s no damage, there’s likely no insurance coverage.  Your city or municipality may clean up trees that fall into the street, but you may still have reason to file an ...read more
Insurance Broker Has First-Hand Experience with Business Insurance, Albemarle, North Carolina
Business insurance is an essential risk management tool that could save your business from going under. A Affordable Insurance Services, a local insurance agency in Albemarle, NC, kn...read more
Meet our agents, Albemarle, North Carolina
A Beginner's Guide to the Importance of Motorcycle Insurance, Albemarle, North Carolina
Riding a motorcycle is a freeing experience that can’t be replicated. However, even the safest of riders face risks when on the road, and without motorcycle insurance in place, they ...read more
Did you know that any customized work exceeding $1000 your typical auto insurance policy will not cover., Albemarle, North Carolina
You may want to talk to your insurance company about custom coverages! read more
Antique Auto Insurance!, Albemarle, North Carolina
Looking for antique auto insurance? Give us a call today for a free quote 704-986-2222. read more
Meet our agents!, Albemarle, North Carolina
This is Garrett he is one of our agents here at A Affordable Insurance. He can help you with Auto Insurance, Non-owners, Motorcycle, Scooter, Home owners, Renters Insurance and ...read more
Renters Insurance!, Albemarle, North Carolina
 Looking for renters insurance? Give us a call today for a free quote! 704-986-2222. read more
Need Insurance?, Albemarle, North Carolina
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