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3 Fall Tree Care Tips, York, South Carolina
While you might think the fall is all about trees losing their leaves and getting ready for the winter, it's also the perfect time of year for tree maintenance. Having a tree service professional handle each of these tasks will ensure more
What Stump Grinding Is & Why It Should be Done, York, South Carolina
Leaving stumps on your property is a major liability. People could trip and get seriously injured, holding you legally and financially responsible for damages. The decaying wood can attract insects, increasing the risk of infestations more
Charlotte, NC Tree Removal Businesses
Childers Tree Service, Shrub and Tree Services, Tree Trimming Services, Tree Removal, York, South Carolina
(803) 627-3157
If a rogue limb is scratching at the window constantly or one of the trees in your yard has contracted a ravaging case of Dutch Elm disease, it’s time to find yourself a quality tree specialist. Childers Tree Service is a family-owned b...
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3 Late Summer Landscaping Tips for Your Trees, York, South Carolina
Trees are a beautiful part of any home’s landscaping. Not only is it great to be able to relax in the shade on a warm summer day, but they also improve the curb more
4 Common Trees in South Carolina, York, South Carolina
Whether you're looking at cultivated landscaping or undeveloped land, South Carolina has a wealth of beautiful trees. Some of the most common in the area have become icons of the more
Is Stump Removal Right for Your Property?, York, South Carolina
Once a tree has been removed, it’s time to decide what to do with the resulting stump. While the occasional homeowner will turn a tree stump into a decorative yard more
3 Signs You Have a Diseased Tree, York, South Carolina
Trees provide shade and natural beauty, but when a disease strikes, they can quickly become a hazard. Without prompt tree removal or selective pruning, a diseased tree could die and more
What to Do About Problem Trees on a Neighbor's Property, York, South Carolina
Trees add a great deal of shade and aesthetic value to a property, but they need proper care. They can also be a major source of conflict among neighbors if they aren’t properly more
What's the Difference Between Stump Grinding & Removal?, York, South Carolina
When you cut down a tree to remove it, only half the job is completed because the stump still remains. Whether it’s an eyesore or it’s become a serious tripping hazard for more
3 Tree Care Tips for Spring, York, South Carolina
As the temperature rises this spring, it’s important to take some time to inspect your outdoor space and care for the plants and landscaping features. Though trees are relatively& more
Should I Be Concerned About a Leaning Tree?, York, South Carolina
Trees grow in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but when they lean, it’s natural to be concerned about them falling. Weighing several tons, a leaning tree may present a danger to more
How to Select the Right Tree for a Treehouse, York, South Carolina
If your children have always dreamed of having their own treehouse, making their dreams come true can be a rewarding experience. But the project demands careful consideration to more
3 Ways to Winterize Your Landscaping, York, South Carolina
Winter isn’t a popular time for growing plants and flowers, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping should get a pass from care during the colder months. Winter preparation can more
What Is the Best Time for Tree Pruning?, York, South Carolina
To be a responsible property owner, it’s important to embrace tree pruning. This care practice will protect your trees as well as your land, but it should only be more
3 Signs of a Dead Tree, York, South Carolina
Maintaining the landscaping will improve your home aesthetic and boost the value of your property. That means staying on top of services like tree removal to ensure all more
4 Surprising Reasons to Make Stump and Trunk Removal a Priority, York, South Carolina
Even hardy trees sometimes need to be cut down, whether due to a risk of damage to your house or to make way for a new playset in the backyard. Tree removal is relatively simple, more
3 Signs There Are Termites in Your Tree, York, South Carolina
While most residents worry about termites in their home, there are some species that attack the trees on the property. They can destroy a beloved tree and potentially move to the more
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