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3 Reasons You Should Consider Tree Removal, Kalispell, Montana
Trees add beauty to any landscape, enhancing the look of your home and property. However, they can sometimes pose a threat, and you should schedule tree removal before they damage any nearby structures. Below are several more
3 Benefits of Stump Grinding , Kalispell, Montana
When a tree is damaged or diseased—or if its branches dangerously overhang a house—the owner may decide to have it cut down. Usually, this leaves behind a stump. While you may be tempted to ignore this protrusion since the more
Kalispell, MT Tree Removal Businesses
L & M Tree Service, Shrub and Tree Services, Tree Trimming Services, Tree Removal, Kalispell, Montana
111 Russell Dr
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 261-7240
If you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed, L & M Tree Service, in Kalispell, MT, is a full-service operation that specializes in all areas of tree care. The licensed and fully insured professionals at L & M...
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4 Common Signs of Tree Pests, Kalispell, Montana
If your yard has pests, they can infest trees and make them dangerous, requiring you to schedule tree removal to prevent the infestation from spreading. This service also more
3 Steps to Take If a Tree Falls on Your House, Kalispell, Montana
If you have trees on the lawn, you should prepare for the possibility that one could fall. One of the most urgent cases to know about is when it lands on the house. Here are more
4 Benefits of Tree Pruning, Kalispell, Montana
Trees are a focal point of a home’s landscape, but you might not think about them until there is a problem. Unlike other plants and shrubs, trees don't require as much care. However, more
A Basic Guide to Tree Removal , Kalispell, Montana
The day when one or more trees will be removed from your yard is approaching. When done professionally, the procedure is extensive and follows several important steps. Preparation more
A Beginner's Guide to Tree Pruning, Kalispell, Montana
Tree pruning is necessary for the healthy growth of your trees, but improper pruning can cause damage. This guide will help you understand more about the reasons for pruning and how more
An Introduction to Tree Shaping, Kalispell, Montana
Homeownership provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. The choice of paints and wallpapers, the selection of furniture, and the choice of decorations are all forms of more
5 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring, Kalispell, Montana
Spring is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for homeowners to begin yard preparations. Your trees, shrubs, and grass will need special care after the dry and frigid winter. more
What to Know About Stump Grinding, Kalispell, Montana
Once you have a tree removed from your property, you may be left with a stump. While this may not be bothersome to some property owners, if you want to use that area for more
Your Guide to Tree Thinning, Kalispell, Montana
While plants need sunlight to survive, some trees are so dense that their upper branches block light from reaching lower limbs. Tree specialists utilize a method known as tree more
What Does it Mean When a Tree Bleeds Sap?, Kalispell, Montana
While bleeding from trees can be alarming to tree owners, it’s often a normal side effect of tree pruning. However, living organisms like fungi or direct sunlight and more
Why Tree Inspection Is Important Before Buying a New Home, Kalispell, Montana
When moving into a new home, have the property’s trees inspected. Moving in to a new home only to have to hire a tree removal company can add an unnecessary expense. Here’s a more
A Guide to Wrapping Trees for Winter, Kalispell, Montana
Trees require a certain level of protection when it comes to surviving the cold winter months. Otherwise, they could succumb to the freezing temperatures and eventually decay. A more
3 Diseases That Target Apple Trees, Kalispell, Montana
Identifying the signs of a diseased tree helps you get the woody perennial the service it needs and keeps the other trees on your property safe. Many diseases spread quickly from more
Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning, Kalispell, Montana
If you’re like most people, you may use the terms tree trimming and pruning interchangeably, so you may not know the difference. Though they both involve trimming away a piece more
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