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3 Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Your Pool , Troy, Missouri
No one likes to have their morning breast stroke interrupted by a run-in with a floating beetle, fly, or bee. While you can tackle insects in your pool with a skimmer in the short-term, they tend to simply reemerge. To prevent pests from...read more
5 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Repairs, Troy, Missouri
Swimming pools always offer warning signs when repairs are necessary, but they’re often easy to miss. If your pool is exhibiting any of these symptoms, contact a repair professional before the problem worsens. How to Tell...read more
Lincoln, MO Swimming Pool Repair Businesses
The Pool Guys , Pool and Spa Service, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Repair, Troy, Missouri
737 Old Moscow Mills Rd
Troy, MO 63379
(636) 462-7665
Turning your backyard into a tropical oasis is easy and affordable when you enlist professional help from  The Pool Guys. Located in Troy, MO, they’ve been transforming pools all across the area for the past 30 years, and their team...
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5 Fun Pool Games to Enjoy With the Family, Troy, Missouri
Summer is pool time, which means you should bulk up on your favorite water activities. One way to enjoy some quality bonding time with the family is to hang out together in the water...read more
3 Exercises You Can Do in a Small Pool, Troy, Missouri
Swimming is a low-impact exercise that addresses every muscle, as well as your cardiovascular system. However, swimming laps is difficult when you don’t have much space. Wh...read more
3 Tips to Get Your Inground Pool Ready for Summer, Troy, Missouri
Memorial Day has already come and gone, and for many people, that means summer is here! But is your inground pool ready for summer swimming activities yet? As the pool contractors at...read more
5 Ways to Keep Wildlife Away From Your Pool, Troy, Missouri
Swimming pools are a fun addition to your home that can increase both its beauty and value. However, pools also come with important responsibilities for homeowners, such as taking pr...read more
4 Ways Kids Benefit From Having a Pool, Troy, Missouri
Now that summer is just around the corner, many homeowners will be planning outings to the beach or local public pool to cool off. These trips can be fun for the whole family, but ha...read more
Should You Install an Above-Ground or In-Ground Pool?, Troy, Missouri
A pool can make your summers twice as enjoyable and add a lot of value to your home. There are pros and cons to installing an in-ground pool, just as above-ground pools have adv...read more
4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Adult Pool Party, Troy, Missouri
Pools are the perfect place to gather with family and friends for an afternoon filled with camaraderie, sun, and fun. With temperatures rising and the days getting longer, there’s no...read more
3 Ways a Spa Bath Will Improve Your Health, Troy, Missouri
Spas offer a luxurious way to relax at the end of the day. More importantly, taking the time to unwind in these baths can help diminish stress and anxiety, as well as impro...read more
5 Tips for Teaching Children How to Swim, Troy, Missouri
Swimming is a pastime as classic as baseball. However, it takes some serious practice and patience for children to hone the skill and become comfortable spending time in the pool. If...read more
Must-Know Facts About Caring for the Water in Your Pool, Troy, Missouri
Most people love taking refreshing dips in swimming pools. However, very few stop to think about the chemistry and upkeep of the water. With a deep understanding of how water chemica...read more
Own a Swimming Pool? Here Are the 3 Essential Supplies You Need, Troy, Missouri
From relaxing on hot summer days to enjoying time with family and friends, a swimming pool is a fantastic investment. However, there is work that needs to be done to keep your unit i...read more
What Impact Does Rain Have on Your Pool?, Troy, Missouri
Twigs, leaves, and mud can collect in pools when it rains, turning the once aqua blue water into a murky swamp. Debris can clog filtration components and render them ineffective...read more
4 Tips for Opening a Swimming Pool , Troy, Missouri
As the weather starts to get warmer and winter fades away, the time for fun in the summer sun gets closer. For pool owners, that means opening the pool and getting it set for the sea...read more
3 Pet Safety Tips for Homes With Swimming Pools, Troy, Missouri
While families certainly love to enjoy their pools together, some members of the household require special precautions. Homes with pets must make special arrangements to ensure that ...read more
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