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4 Ways to Prepare Your Leather Shoes for Winter, Brighton, New York
Treating your shoes right year-round is crucial, but it’s more critical than ever during winter. That’s particularly true if you’re wearing leather footwear that runs the risk of suffering damage due to exposure to the elements. more
How to Fix Shoes That Are Too Big, Brighton, New York
When a shoe-lover finds a bargain pair they love, it can be heartbreaking to realize it’s not available in the right size. Sometimes a favorite pair of shoes can become stretched over time, making them feel too big. more
Brighton, NY Shoe Repair Businesses
Sofia Shoe Repair Service , Orthotics, Leather Repair, Shoe Repair, Rochester, New York
1457 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 244-5907
When your expensive dress shoes start to lose their sheen or your favorite pair of work boots wears out, don’t throw them away. Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY, specializes in shoe resoling and repair, and their high-qual...
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Are You Eligible for Nike® Shoe Replacement or Refunds?, Brighton, New York
Although Nike® footwear is durable, some factors are beyond your control that could lead to premature wear. If you notice workmanship or material flaws with the brand’s shoes, more
How Safe Are Your Home Shoe Care Products?, Brighton, New York
Shoe care products are meant to keep your shoes clean; however, some of the ingredients in these products may be negatively affecting your health. If you are not sure about more
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Wedding Shoes, Brighton, New York
Wedding shoes can have a direct impact on your level of comfort and enjoyment. If they’re too tight or cause blisters to develop, you’ll probably end up sitting on the more
Shoe Repair Pro Shares the Ins & Outs of Shoe Construction, Brighton, New York
Whether you own 20 pairs or two, shoes are a vital part of your everyday life. However, the shoe making process itself is an intricate craft mastered by few. To understand more
How to Buy Shoes That Fit Well, Brighton, New York
Buying new shoes seems pretty straightforward, but if you want the best fit, it takes more effort than finding a style you like in your size. A well-fitting shoe can prevent more
Break in Your Boots With Ease Using These 4 Steps, Brighton, New York
New boots can be difficult to break in, especially if the leather is stiff and too tight to comfortably fit over your foot. While you could force them on and walk around until they more
Shoe Repair Pros Share Diabetic Foot Care Do's & Don'ts, Brighton, New York
If you have diabetes, high blood sugar levels can lead to poor circulation. This can cause tingling in extremities, making it incredibly difficult or painful to walk. more
3 Types of Comfortable Footwear for Nurses & Caregivers , Brighton, New York
With 12 hours shifts walking from room to room, medical professionals spend their days on their feet tending to other people. Nurses and caregivers therefore want a more
3 Comfortable Choices for Party Shoes, Brighton, New York
Dressing to the nines for a big soiree is always an exciting experience. But style sometimes comes at a price, and it’s not always just a hefty price tag. Wearing beautiful heels or more
The Do's & Dont’s of Finding the Perfect Wedding-Day Shoe, Brighton, New York
Many factors contribute to finding the perfect wedding-day shoe. The right pair must not only look stunning but should also keep your feet comfortable the entire day. more
3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Shoes in Tip-Top Shape, Brighton, New York
Shoes are a stylish staple in your wardrobe, but without proper care, it’s easy to wear them out quickly. Unfortunately, purchasing new shoes can prove to be a hefty investment. To more
When Is Shoe Repair the Right Choice Over Buying a Replacement?, Brighton, New York
Everyone has that one pair of shoes they love and want to keep forever. However, when worn frequently, even the most well-cared-for soles start to degrade. Luckily, a shoe repair more
Shoe Repair Shop Recommends 4 Ways to Stretch Your Soles, Brighton, New York
We all have at least one pair of shoes that are almost perfect. The quality is top-notch and the design is impeccable, but unfortunately, they're a bit too small. Instead more
3 Reasons Why Your Shoes Hurt Your Feet, Brighton, New York
Finding the perfect pair of shoes to complement an outfit is one of life’s little pleasures. Unfortunately, beautiful and stylish footwear can bring pain to your feet and legs at more
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