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A Guide to Algae Growth on Ponds, East Bloomfield, New York
The formation of algae is a common problem for ponds, creating a thick, green layer of sludge along the surface of the water that detracts from your landscape’s appearance. The only way to eliminate and control it is to become famil...read more
How to Keep Your Pond Clean, East Bloomfield, New York
Most pond owners know the struggle of keeping their pond clean. When the water becomes murky or discolored, it can be hard to find the cause, and it may be even harder to fix. Keeping your pond water clear and in good condition is e...read more
East Bloomfield, NY Ponds & Water Gardens Businesses
Clearly Aquatics Inc. , Ponds & Water Gardens, Bloomfield, New York
(585) 657-7679
The outside area of a home or office can have a huge impact on the overall theme and ambiance of the property. Aquatic assets can do a lot to boost a home’s curb appeal, make a good impression on guests and customers, and add elements of...
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4 Ways a Pond Will Attract More Birds to Your Yard, East Bloomfield, New York
One of the best ways to attract birds to your yard is by providing them with a water source. All birds need water to survive, and a pond installation can be a more visually appe...read more
4 Design Tips for a Backyard Pond, East Bloomfield, New York
Backyard water features, such as aquatic gardens and koi ponds, add natural beauty and make your property more relaxing. Once you decide to install one in your backyard, it’s worth t...read more
3 Steps to Control Cattails in Your Backyard Pond, East Bloomfield, New York
Cattails can be an attractive addition to a pond, but even if you like how they look, they can become a nuisance. Because their extensive root systems produce thickets of new st...read more
3 Reasons to Install a Pond in Your Backyard, East Bloomfield, New York
If there’s enough space, any homeowner can benefit from installing a pond. Your property will come alive, and you’ll be able to enjoy its natural beauty. Below are a few more re...read more
A Quick Guide to Backyard Ponds, East Bloomfield, New York
Homeowners looking to add more beauty to their outdoor spaces will appreciate the numerous benefits that a backyard pond can offer. In addition to transforming your yard into a tranq...read more
3 Tips for Preparing Your Pond for Winter, East Bloomfield, New York
As winter approaches, some precautions are necessary to maintain the health of your pond. Transitioning seasons mean changes for both the water temperature and the conditions for the...read more
Top 5 Pond Maintenance Tips for the Fall, East Bloomfield, New York
Ponds are lovely additions to any property, but they require regular upkeep to maintain their beauty and functionality. Before the end of the season, it’s vital to perform ...read more
4 Types of Fish That Are Ideal for Your Outdoor Pond, East Bloomfield, New York
If you want to add beauty to your yard and improve the value of the property, an outdoor pond is a smart investment. But, in addition to the design and installation, you’ll have to c...read more
3 Waterfall Designs to Bring Motion to Your Landscaping, East Bloomfield, New York
Water features can transform plant-based landscaping. They add a calming, creative element, and waterfalls are one of the best ways to create motion. Whether you already have similar...read more
5 Telltale Signs Your Pond Needs Aeration, East Bloomfield, New York
Ponds need proper aeration to ensure the right amount of oxygen flows throughout. The process keeps the ecosystem healthy by maintaining a stable and clean environment. If you a...read more
3 Essential Pond Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Fish Healthy, East Bloomfield, New York
While routine pond maintenance is key to keeping the water in good condition, it’s especially important if you have fish. It’s vital to keep the pond as clean and cared for as p...read more
A Brief Introduction to Aquatic Weed Control, East Bloomfield, New York
Ponds offer many benefits, like lovely scenery and a place to fish or take a cool dip on a hot day. However, maintaining its beauty and resource requires work and upkeep, s...read more
Why Spring Cleaning for Your Pond Is So Important, East Bloomfield, New York
Your backyard pond is more than an attractive landscaping addition; its murmuring water and natural beauty provide a wonderful source of relaxation. The pond maintenance experts...read more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Water Garden for the Winter Months, East Bloomfield, New York
If you’ve spent months creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor water garden, you may worry about how to take care of it in the snow. It’s natural to be concerned about the ...read more
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