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The Ins and Outs From Maui’s Composting Experts, ,
Even if you’re not an avid gardener or landscaper, chances are you’ve heard of composting and its many benefits. To help get your composting efforts off on the right foot, visit Maui EKO Systems in Puunene and browse their extensive more
5 Things You Didn't Know That Qualifies as Composting Materials, ,
Composting materials are found everywhere from your kitchen to your backyard, and setting up your own compost pile is more creative than simply throwing your lawn clippings into the corner of your yard. Maui EKO Systems is a locally more
Puunene, HI Lawn Care Services Businesses
Maui EKO Systems, Lawn and Garden, Lawn Care Services, Recycling Centers, Puunene, Hawaii
Central Maui Landfill, 1 Pulehu Rd
Puunene, HI 96784
(808) 572-8844
Serving Hawaii since 1995, Maui Eko Systems, Inc. is a composting service that sells a wide variety of organically recycled soil supplies, including mulches, top dressing, and potting mix. A locally owned and operated business, this comp...
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Choosing Different Composting Materials for Different Needs, ,
If you enjoy growing and nurturing plants, flowers, and vegetables, you need the appropriate composting materials to improve the soil and enrich your plants. However, not all more
Arbor Day Reminds Us About the Importance of Compost, ,
Arbor Day will soon be here, and with it comes the grand reminder of what this beautiful day means to our environment. Maui EKO Systems of Puunene, HI, invites the whole more
3 Reasons to Use Quality Compost in Your Soil During Hawaii’s Rainy Season, ,
It’s no secret that there are numerous benefits to composting any time of the year, but when the rainy season hits, gardeners will discover that there is even more value to be found more
Maui EKO Systems Explains the Innovative Benefits of Composting, ,
Composting is one of the best methods of preserving the environment and enriching gardens. Not only do composting materials offer moisture retention and maintain the pH level of the more
Composting: The Many Excellent Benefits, ,
Compost is defined by the EPA as organic material that may be added to soil to help plants grow and thrive. The resource is readily available through Maui EKO Systems, a more
The Safety of Maui EKO Systems' Biosolid Composting Materials, ,
For over 20 years, Maui EKO Systems has been committed to providing gardeners and homeowners throughout the island with high-quality mulches, potting mixes, and composting more
Premium Composting Service in Puunene Offers Advice For Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint, ,
Climate change is posing a serious threat to our planet. The amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in the air continues to increase at alarming rates. This is causing extreme more
Hawaii's Maui EKO Systems Shares Easy Organic Recycling & Composting Methods To Try at Home, ,
Reduce your carbon footprint and ensure less waste ends up in landfills by implementing your own home recycling program. There are plenty of easy recycling options to take advantage more
Maui EKO Systems And Joe Lamp'l Team Up to Spread The Word About Using Quality Compost, ,
Shopping for store-bought composting materials can be tough, even if you’re an experienced backyard composter. How do you know what’s in that bag of compost at the store? more
Puunene's Composting Experts Suggest 6 Steps For Helping Your Lawn Stay Green, ,
Keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy all summer can be difficult. Between the heat and the lack of rain, the grass can quickly dry up and turn brown. What can you do to more
Maui EKO Systems Turns Biosolids Into Soil Supplies Your Plants Will Love, ,
Gardening season is in full swing. If you’re looking to help your flowers bloom and your veggies get nice and plump, composting materials can help. Maui EKO Systems has been more
3 Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Lawn From Your Puunene's Source For Quality Compost, ,
A significant component in most landscaping visions is a green, healthy, lush lawn. If you’ve always felt achieving such a lawn was a pipe dream, know that your days of dreaming are more
Your Favorite Composting Service Spells Out the Importance of Recycling, ,
Recycling continues to be one of the most important things we can do to preserve our beautiful blue and green planet. Essential to people and the natural environment alike, more
Get The Landscape You Want With Compost From Maui EKO Systems, ,
When you think of compost, the first thing that comes to mind is gardening. But compost is also ideal for creating the lush grass in sports fields and complexes. Maui EKO more
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