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Why Businesses Should Use Electrostatic Sanitization, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial building, such as a school or clinic, health and safety are top priorities. Routine cleaning and disinfecting are necessary to kill harmful microbes and prevent the spread of...read more
3 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service for Tiles & Grout, Honolulu, Hawaii
From bathroom flooring to kitchen backsplashes, if you have tiles at your commercial property, their cleanliness and condition must be a priority. Not only are tiles a significant financial investment, but they’re also commonly used in a...read more
Kauai, HI Floor & Tile Cleaning Businesses
Kleenco Group, Floor & Tile Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Cleaning Services, Honolulu, Hawaii
1718 Hau Street
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 831-7600
No matter your line of work, the image of your business plays a large role in determining your ultimate success. At Kleenco Group, we believe there is no greater reflection on the values your business champions than the regular maintenan...
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Top 3 Ways Grout Cleaning Benefits a Business, Honolulu, Hawaii
Grout is a mortar or paste used to cement tiles to the wall or floor and fill in crevices between pieces. It’s most often white or gray, though its shade often darkens over time as i...read more
What's the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Disinfecting?, Honolulu, Hawaii
COVID-19 has led to an uptick in businesses using various cleaning services to protect their workspaces and visitors. However, not all types of cleaning are effective at killing the ...read more
A Guide to Deep Cleaning Business Floors & Carpets, Honolulu, Hawaii
The appearance of your business has a direct impact on customer perception. This is especially true of your carpet or flooring, which can wear down over time. Scheduling profess...read more
3 Office Cleaning Tips for Returning to Work After COVID-19, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many businesses are already starting to reopen in Hawaii, and the “safer-at-home” order ends on June 30, which means many people will be returning to the workplace. The Centers ...read more
3 Myths About Sanitization, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you own a business, facility cleaning and sanitization is more important now than ever before. An effective cleaning regimen keeps diseases from spreading between your employees a...read more
4 FAQ to Avoid COVID-19 Cleaning Scams, Honolulu, Hawaii
To stop the spread of the coronavirus, you need to find a cleaning service to disinfect your business. However, with the high demand for virus disinfection, many companies are f...read more
4 Benefits of Power Washing, Honolulu, Hawaii
Commercial building maintenance can be challenging when you need to contend with elements like pollution and grime. Fortunately, keeping the exterior structure clean is eas...read more
4 Reasons to Take Advantage of a Day Porter Service, Honolulu, Hawaii
Sometimes, commercial facility cleaning requires more than nightly teams or employees taking the time to restock paper towels. If you constantly find yourself cleaning up spills, dea...read more
A Thank You to Janitors & Cleaners During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Honolulu, Hawaii
Each day, health care workers receive well-deserved recognition for their lifesaving efforts in the fight against COVID-19. While their noble works should not go unnoticed, janitors ...read more
How to Protect Against Coronavirus in the Workplace, Honolulu, Hawaii
No matter where you go, conversations and concerns about the coronavirus are everywhere. Your employees may have even voiced their worries about it potentially spreading in the ...read more
How Dirty Floors Affect a Business, Honolulu, Hawaii
A floor is an easily overlooked component of a commercial building. Customers and workers are busy going about their days and may not take much notice of the floor. But a dirty floor...read more
3 Best Practices for Cleaning Medical Facilities, Honolulu, Hawaii
Patients go to medical facilities for relief, but if those facilities aren't kept clean and sterile, they can do more harm than good. While professional cleaning services w...read more
4 Ways to Encourage Office Cleanliness Among Employees, Honolulu, Hawaii
Offices become germ and bacteria havens without regular maintenance, something your local commercial cleaning service helps significantly with. However, it’s still important to encou...read more
How Can You Prevent the Flu at the Office?, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re the boss of a company or manager of a business, then you know that the health and wellness of your employees is essential to workplace productivity. During flu season,...read more
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