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6 Pest Control Tips to Protect Your Home This Spring, Bethalto, Illinois
The onset of spring brings beautiful weather, but unfortunately, a host of pests can also come and cause damage to your home. According to the pest control experts at Imel Pest Control in Bethalto, IL, it’s crucial to take...read more
How Do Ants Cause Damage to Your Home?, Bethalto, Illinois
Though many homeowners might not be aware of these small insects, an ant problem can cause serious damage to your property. If you see them regularly inside the house, you might already have an infestation. Thankfully, the ant control ex...read more
Grafton, MA Termite Control Businesses
Imel Pest Control Inc, Termite Control, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Bethalto, Illinois
430 S Prairie St
Bethalto, IL 62010
(618) 498-5990
For 50 years, Imel Pest Control has been providing the Bethalto, IL, community with the highest-quality pest control services. Whether you’re struggling with mice scurrying around in your attic or termites tearing up your walls, this pre...
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5 Signs You Have Termite Damage, Bethalto, Illinois
Termites can wreak havoc on your property all year round. Once you have an infestation, it is best to assess and curb damage as soon as possible while preventing further trouble. To ...read more
Bethalto Exterminator Shares 5 Facts About Mice, Bethalto, Illinois
Winter is a common time for mice to pop up. While they are a hassle, they can also spread illness and cause damage to your home. Since eliminating them is important for your health a...read more
Bethalto Exterminators Share 3 Tips for Dealing With Holiday Tree Pests, Bethalto, Illinois
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the holiday season can also bring its share of unpleasant pests. The exterminators at Imel Pest Control in Bethalto, IL, appre...read more
What Can You Do to Enforce Preventive Spider Control?, Bethalto, Illinois
No one wants to find pests of any kind living in their home, but spiders are particularly dreaded among a large population of homeowners. Like any insect, it’s impossible to fully pr...read more
Bethalto Exterminator Explains Stink Bugs, Bethalto, Illinois
Stink bugs are large, brown, six-legged insects native to Asia, with their name stemming from the unpleasant odor that shoots out of their scent glands. Now widespread acro...read more
What You Should Know About DIY Ant Control, Bethalto, Illinois
Ants may be tiny, but an infestation is anything but a small problem. They’ll take over your home if you let them, but getting rid of ants isn’t as simple as you think. Ant control i...read more
Bethalto Exterminator Explains Why You Should Protect Your Home With Mice Control, Bethalto, Illinois
If you don't currently have a strong form of rodent control protecting your home, it may be a good idea to rethink this choice. Perhaps you're simply waiting to see a mouse in your h...read more
3 Ways to Prevent Termites, Bethalto, Illinois
Termites feast on wood, and they can take over your home and wreak havoc on your surroundings in no time at all. The best thing you can do is prevent them from invading your space to...read more
Bethalto Insect Control Company Shares 3 Ways to Identify Termites , Bethalto, Illinois
Termites look similar to flying ants and other insects, which makes them hard to identify to the untrained eye. Knowing what you’re dealing with will help ensure you get the right co...read more
3 Ways to Be Flea-Free From Bethalto's Leading Pest Control Specialists, Bethalto, Illinois
A few fleas can quickly grow into a home infestation within a matter of days. According to the leading flea removal specialists in Bethalto, IL, Imel Pest Control, the soon...read more
5 Pest Control Tips for Preventing Stink Bugs, Bethalto, Illinois
Stink bug season is officially underway, with the annoying insects waking up from hibernation, often from their hiding spots inside your home. Each September these harmless, but anno...read more
5 Effective Methods for Ant Control, Bethalto, Illinois
Warmer weather means pests will soon be out, trying to infiltrate your home. One of the most common pests in Illinois is ants, but don’t worry; Imel Pest Control in Bethalto&nbs...read more
Common Spring Pests That Your Exterminator Can Treat, Bethalto, Illinois
What’s better than the birds chirping, tulips emerging, and the sun once again warming our homes in the spring? Unfortunately, it’s also the time when many pests wake for the se...read more
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