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What Property Owners Need to Know About Home Pest Control, Perry, Georgia
Pest infestations are no one’s idea of fun, especially when they linger in spite of store-bought extermination products. Aside from the many ways they can damage your property, disease-carrying insects are a hazard for everyone on t...read more
4 Steps You Need to Take After the Pest Control Company Leaves, Perry, Georgia
Have you recently had to call in a pest control company to take care of insects that have invaded your home? If so, now that those annoying pests have been removed from the premises, do you know what to do to keep them away? Ac...read more
Elko, GA Termite Control Businesses
Bridges Termite & Pest Control Inc, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Termite Control, Perry, Georgia
(478) 987-1955
Bridges Termite & Pest Control Inc., a locally owned and operated business, has been servicing the Perry, GA area since 1979 and is proud to offer extensive experience while still maintaining personal relationships with its clients. ...
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3 Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control, Perry, Georgia
Many homeowners are curious about why they should seek pest control services in the winter. After all, bugs and rodents go into hibernation or die once the cold weather sets in,...read more
Home Pest Control Experts Share Ways to Keep Critters Out This Winter, Perry, Georgia
When the temperatures start to fall in the South, insects and rodents start searching for a place to take shelter in the winter. Instead of letting these critters into your hous...read more
Hiring an Exterminator? Follow These 3 Key Tips, Perry, Georgia
Experiencing a pest control problem? Then your best line of defense is to call in the experts. For over 35 years, Perry, GA-based Bridges Termite & Pest Control has bee...read more
Protect Your Home With These 4 Ant Control Tips, Perry, Georgia
Ants love the food and water your home offers, making them one of the most common household pests across the country. To keep them from marching into your home, Bridges Termite &...read more
3 Tips for Eliminating Termites From Your Home, Perry, Georgia
If given even the smallest bit of leeway, termites can wreak havoc on your home. Some tell-tale signs that these pests have already invaded your home include bubbled or cracked paint...read more
The Proven 3-Step Process for Protecting Your Home From Termites, Perry, Georgia
Termites aren’t just annoying — they’re downright dangerous to your home (and your wallet) if left untreated. Luckily, if you’re diligent about protecting your home from pests, you c...read more
Getting Rid of Bedbugs for Good: Tips From Your Local Exterminator, Perry, Georgia
Hearing the word “bedbugs” is enough to make anyone feel queasy, as the bloodsuckers are notoriously challenging to get rid of once they invade a space. Bedbug extermination is ...read more
How Eastern Subterranean Termites Infest & Damage Property, Perry, Georgia
They’ve earned a dubious distinction as the most destructive insect pests in the United States, and they could be right under your nose. Eastern subterranean termites are native to G...read more
Rid Your Home of Mosquitoes With Treatment From Perry's Best Exterminator, Perry, Georgia
Mosquitoes are often viewed as one of nature’s plagues due to their bloodsucking nature and the itchy welts that result from bites. The vampiric insects are also capable of carrying ...read more
How to Get Rid of a Mouse in the House With Perry's Top Exterminator, Perry, Georgia
Are you hearing the sounds of scurrying in the night or rustling noises in your walls and ceiling? Have you discovered food packages with nibbled holes in them? If so, it's time to c...read more
Get the Most Effective Bedbug Control Treatment From Bridges Termite & Pest Control, Perry, Georgia
Nothing is quite as tenacious, bothersome, or common a pest as bedbugs. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or the country, if it’s winter or summer, they can be an issue. Luckil...read more
In-Home Pest Control Made Easier With the Experts at Bridges Termite & Pest Control, Perry, Georgia
Pests are a burden to any homeowner, but they certainly don't have to be. Servicing Perry, GA, residents for the past 37 years, the experts at Bridges Termite & Pest Control ...read more
Perry's Bug Control Experts Tell You How to Identify a Termite, Perry, Georgia
Termites can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home before you realize that you have a problem. Although promptly identifying these insects will help you avoid cost...read more
3 Mice And Rat Extermination Tips From Bridges Termite & Pest Control Inc, Perry, Georgia
Since 1979, Bridges Termite & Pest Control Inc has been serving Perry, GA, residents by offering exceptional in-home pest control services. Thanks to so many years of experience,...read more
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