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4 Types of Radon Testing Devices, Concord, North Carolina
Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that can pose a health risk when inhaled over a long period. In fact, radon exposure is associated with a higher risk of lung cancer. Since there's no way to accurately gauge the more
4 Common Myths About Termites, Concord, North Carolina
Termites are one of the pests that can cause the most significant structural damage to homes. However, many homeowners don’t know the proper steps for termite control because of common myths. It’s important to debunk these ideas so more
Concord, NC Pest Control Businesses
Acme Pest Control Co Inc, Termite Control, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Concord, North Carolina
59 Winecoff Ave NW
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 786-4166
Three years. That’s how long it takes for termites to start doing real damage to your house. Over this period of time, a termite colony can grow up to 2,000,000 strong — but it only takes Acme Pest Control Co’s termite treatment a few da...
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6 Common Types of Ants, Concord, North Carolina
Ants are one of the most common reasons people call for pest control, as these tiny insects can get in your home in a variety of ways. However, with over 10,000 species, more
3 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites, Concord, North Carolina
If mosquitoes become unmanageable in or around your home, you can benefit from the help of a pest control professional. But for anyone spending time outside during the warmer months more
FAQs About Termites , Concord, North Carolina
While some household pests might tear up your home’s insulation or leave you with itchy bites, termites are actually capable of destroying your home’s foundation. more
A Brief Guide to Bee Stings, Concord, North Carolina
A bee sting will produce an immediate, sharp pain that, in the cases of allergic individuals, is potentially life-threatening. To avoid this discomfort, you should be aware of bees more
3 Common Springtime Bugs, Concord, North Carolina
Longer, warmer spring days can be exciting after a cold winter. However, the temperature increase means many types of insects will soon come out of hiding and potentially even make more
3 Signs a Raccoon Has Rabies, Concord, North Carolina
When you see an animal in your yard, you can wait for it to leave on its own, or you can call a pest control company if necessary. However, some animals, such as raccoons, are more
4 Ways Rats Can Damage Your Home, Concord, North Carolina
While it can be challenging to know if you have a rat living in your walls, attic, or basement, you must stay on the lookout and act quickly if one's present. Even just one rat can more
A Homeowner's Guide to Radon, Concord, North Carolina
As a homeowner, you know there are many maintenance and safety issues to keep your eye on. However, one that is easily forgotten is radon. The EPA recommends radon testing more
3 Pests Commonly Found in Restaurants, Concord, North Carolina
From rodents to roaches, pests can be a restaurant owner's worst nightmare. With the potential to spread diseases, frighten patrons, and tarnish your reputation, these invaders can more
4 FAQ About Fire Ants in North Carolina, Concord, North Carolina
Fire ants are among the top reasons residents in North Carolina call for pest control services. Originally native to Brazil, these invasive insects are steadily spreading more
4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Pest Control Service, Concord, North Carolina
If you have unwelcome pests in your home, you likely want to remove them as quickly as possible. However, before contacting a pest control company, you must ensure you're getting more
3 Fun Facts About Raccoons, Concord, North Carolina
As far as pests go, raccoons can be some of the trickiest to outsmart. For this reason, you’ll likely need the help of pest control experts if you spot these nocturnal more
5 Common Pests Found in North Carolina, Concord, North Carolina
No matter where you are in North Carolina, it’s possible to encounter a bug or two in your home or office. However, when these pests overextend their welcome, you may have to call more
4 Ways to Prevent Cockroaches From Entering Your Home, Concord, North Carolina
Cockroaches could appear in your home during any season, causing you and your family to feel uncomfortable in your own space. For optimal roach control, it’s always best to use more
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