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How to Prevent Rodent Infestations, Miami, Ohio
From spreading diseases to causing structural damage and fires, mice and rats are dangerous houseguests. The best way to avoid an infestation is preventive action. To help you achieve that, you need to understand what attracts them in more
3 Common Pests to Find When Living in a City, Miami, Ohio
Urban areas—especially large cities—are known for their issues with pests. The development gives them plenty of shelter, while the dense human population leaves them with an abundance of food. They can thrive on human garbage, but they more
Miami, OH Pest Control Businesses
Select Pest Control (Eastgate), Exterminators, Termite Control, Pest Control, Loveland, Ohio
300 Wards Corner
Loveland, OH 45140
Active in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area for over 30 years, Select Pest Control has developed a sterling reputation as a highly professional extermination service, capable of taking on every kind of infestation as well as providing an...
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Do’s & Don’ts of Doing Laundry After Finding Bedbugs, Miami, Ohio
Finding bedbugs in your home can be a nightmare for any homeowner. These critters tend to spread around homes quickly and can take up residence in basically any fabric, more
How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard Barbecue, Miami, Ohio
As you’re making the guest list and planning the menu for a barbecue, pest control is likely the furthest thought from your mind. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are often more
3 Tips for Preventing Ants in Your Kitchen, Miami, Ohio
Ants are the most common pest found in households across the country. While they may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, they can actually cause a great deal of property damage, more
Do's & Don'ts of Approaching a Bedbug Problem in Your Home, Miami, Ohio
From clinging to luggage to hiding in clothing folds, bedbugs could use various avenues to gain entry into your home. Once inside, they can bite while you’re sleeping, leaving skin more
How To Relieve Itchy Bug Bites, Miami, Ohio
Summer is a time for fun, but spending more time outdoors can lead to an increase in itchy bug bites. Pests are nearly unavoidable in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they should more
3 Common Pests to Keep an Eye Out For This Summer, Miami, Ohio
While you’re trying your best to beat the heat this summer, there’s another nuisance that you’re likely to run into: pests. Knowing what insects to keep an eye out for, however, more
FAQ About Termites for Summer, Miami, Ohio
Termites are not only bothersome and unsightly, but they can be detrimental to your property. After entering through your home’s foundation, these winged pests eat through wood, more
4 Tips for Avoiding Bee & Wasp Stings, Miami, Ohio
As the weather warms, bees and wasps become active as they search for pollen and build hives. This is a busy time of year for pest control companies as homeowners try more
What Is the Average Life Span of a Termite?, Miami, Ohio
When it comes to pest infestations, termites are feared by homeowners. However, the more you know about these wood-eating insects, the more likely your termite control efforts are more
What Happens If You Get Stung by a Bee?, Miami, Ohio
The fear of getting stung by a bee is enough to keep some people indoors when it’s hot outside. It’s often the fear of the unknown that causes concern, however. Understanding what more
Everything You Need to Know About a Termite's Diet, Miami, Ohio
The best method of termite control is prevention, and that requires understanding these insects’ habits. Termites travel to find food, so it’s helpful to learn about their more
3 Ways Termites Can Damage Your Home, Miami, Ohio
Of all the pests that can invade your family’s home, termites might be the most unnerving. You already know that these pests are capable of frightening amounts of damage. But just more
How to Tell the Difference Between Carpenter Ants & Termites, Miami, Ohio
Carpenter ants and termites can look quite similar to one another. They are also both attracted to moisture and can do serious damage to your home. It’s important to understand the more
Can Termites Cause Harm to Humans?, Miami, Ohio
Wood-chewing termites are known to create destructive and costly damage to homes and buildings. But should humans be worried about coming in close contact with them? While you wait more
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