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5 Sure Signs a Home Has Mice, 2, Tennessee
Unwelcome guests are a problem in the home, whether they’re insects or rodents. Though they’re bigger than many creepy crawlies, mice can make their way into almost any residence. Though you may not want to come across evidence of them, more
5 Tips to Deter Winter Pests Around the Home, 2, Tennessee
As a homeowner, having a pest infestation is not uncommon, especially during winter when these unwelcome guests seek extra warmth. Pests can expose you to health risks, such as rabies and other diseases, and cause structural damage more
Knoxville, TN Pest Control Businesses
Southeast Termite & Pest Control, Termite Control, Exterminators, Pest Control, Knoxville, Tennessee
3613 Neal Rd
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 925-3700
When you want to protect the environment but don’t want an environmental invasion of your home, look for an EPA certified exterminator. At Southeast Termite & Pest Control in Knoxville, TN, they provide the residents of East Tennesse...
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3 of the Most Venomous Snakes in Tennessee, 2, Tennessee
Tennessee is home to 32 different species of snakes, so it’s little surprise that a few are venomous. Luckily, wildlife control experts know how to handle them. The more
5 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home, 2, Tennessee
Even if you appreciate that spiders are nature’s little exterminators, you probably don’t want them popping up in your shower, kitchen, or bedroom. Fortunately, there are preventive more
3 Simple Tips for Keeping Roaches Out of Your Home, 2, Tennessee
No one wants to have pests in their home, and a whole lot of homeowners will add “especially not roaches” to that statement. These insects can carry illnesses and are generally more
How to Keep Fruit Flies & Gnats Out of Your Home, 2, Tennessee
Hot and humid weather often means fruit flies and gnats in your home, and these pests can stubbornly stick around through the fall as well. If you’re tired of seeing them& more
How to Know if Your Home Has a Termite Infestation, 2, Tennessee
Termites present potentially serious threats to the safety and structural integrity of homes. These critters are notorious for chewing through paint and wood, which weakens the more
What to Know About Squirrels and Your Home, 2, Tennessee
Squirrels are often considered cute and harmless—not the type of animal to call a pest control company for. But as many homeowners have learned, they’re capable of doing more
5 Tips to Stay Bedbug-Free After Travel, 2, Tennessee
When bedbugs find their way into your home, they can spread fast—and leave you with very unpleasant side effects. In particular, these parasites are known to leave irritating bites more
3 Mosquito Control Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer, 2, Tennessee
As the weather warms, mosquitoes become more active and numerous. In recent years, these pests have become even more dangerous. But just because they’re in season doesn’t more
How to Deal With a Ladybug Infestation, 2, Tennessee
During the springtime, many homes are overtaken with swarms of tiny red ladybugs. Though these vivid beetle visitors are rarely considered pests on par with cockroaches or wasps, more
4 Most Common Pests Found in the Kitchen, 2, Tennessee
Because the kitchen is used for cooking and storing food, it’s the part of your home most prone to attracting pests looking for a meal. Aside from being a nuisance, these pesky more
Should You Remove a Wasp or Hornet Nest Yourself?, 2, Tennessee
Most homeowners are bound to encounter pests making a home on their property at one point or another. While some are only cause for minimal concern, others warrant professional help more
How to Check for Bedbugs, 2, Tennessee
It’s a pretty safe bet that no one wants to find bedbugs in their home. These critters can leave itchy bites and potentially transmit diseases. They’re also very easy to bring home more
3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Exterminator, 2, Tennessee
When homeowners are confronted with an infestation of rodents or insects, calling an exterminator is the most comprehensive way to deal with the problem. However, not all more
5 Things to Look for in a Wildlife Control Company, 2, Tennessee
Whether your uninvited guests come in squirrel, raccoon, skunk, or another wildlife form, your best bet is not DIY removal. Attempting wildlife control without the right tools, more
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