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3 Reasons Termites Might Invade Your Home, Las Vegas, Nevada
When you think of termites, you most likely picture little pests chomping on wood. While this is their biggest reason for moving into your home, it’s not always why they were attracted to it. When called to homes, pest control more
5 Pest Control Tips to Rodent-Proof Your Home, Las Vegas, Nevada
No one wants to wake up to see a rodent scurrying across their floor, which is why it’s important to rodent-proof your home, especially during the winter. The staff at Surefire Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV, advise that this is much more
Las Vegas, NV Pest Control Businesses
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Las Vegas, NV 89143
Your home was built for you and your family—not for bugs. That’s why Surefire Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV, is committed to safely and effectively keeping critters out of your home. From spiders and scorpions to rodents a...
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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Bed Bug Treatment, Las Vegas, Nevada
For many people, a bed bug infestation can be an incredible nuisance at best. That’s why it’s important to contact a professional for bed bug treatment at the first sign of these more
Prevent a Pest Problem With These 4 Simple Steps, Las Vegas, Nevada
It can seem nearly impossible to prevent infestations from happening. The heat from your house is known to attract certain pests, and the presence of food in the kitchen only more
Pest Control Professional vs. Exterminator, Las Vegas, Nevada
Do you notice cylindrical droppings, urine trails, grease marks, holes, or gnaw marks throughout your home? These are signs of pest infestation. The earlier you get a pest more
What Professional Bee Removal Entails, Las Vegas, Nevada
Professional bee removal is always the answer to problems with these insects. Whether you have bees in the walls of your home or a huge hive that is too close to your windows more
3 Easy Tips for Natural & Effective Home Pest Control , Las Vegas, Nevada
A natural approach to home pest control not only gets rid of insects and other annoying creatures but lets you avoid exposure to harsh chemical insecticides. A skilled more
3 Bed Bug Prevention Tips From Bed Bug Treatment Pros, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bedbugs are a nightmare, to say the very least, in large part because it is so difficult to remove them with any over-the-counter remedies. Fortunately, Surefire Pest Control has more
5 Signs You Should Call a Pest Control Company, Las Vegas, Nevada
Most homeowners try to handle pests using home remedies or off-the-shelf pest-killing products. However, these methods are often temporary, as they don’t address the root of the more
How Do Bed Bug Treatments Work, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bed bugs are one of the most unpleasant pest infestations, and it may be difficult to decide which bed bug treatment you should use to eradicate them. To give you an idea, more
3 Signs You Need Pest Control Services Now, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sometimes, dealing with the pests in your home requires more than just stepping on a few spiders—and when it does, it’s time to call in professional pest control services. more
Top 3 Things to Look for in a Pest Control Service, Las Vegas, Nevada
When your home or business is overrun with pests, your first instinct might is to call the first exterminator you can find to take care of the problem. However, Surefire Pest more
5 Tips to Keep Your Home Bug Free After a Pest Control Treatment, Las Vegas, Nevada
When you find a rodent, roach, or other creepy crawly around your home, it can be a relief to have the pest control company take care of the problem. You can sleep soundly knowing more
Summerlin Pest Control, Las Vegas, Nevada
Summerlin is a beautiful area in Las Vegas and unfortunately insects and other bugs also enjoy the Summerlin area. For homes in Summerlin pest control is almost required. Most more
Spider Extermination: 3 Tips for Keeping the Arachnids Out of Your Home, Las Vegas, Nevada
The spider and its web have played a role in myths and legends across many cultures. Whatever your feelings about the arachnid, you probably want it outside eating pest insects more
Pest Control Las Vegas No Contracts, Las Vegas, Nevada
Surefire Pest Control offers a wide variety of services. We offer services ranging from general pest control service to bed bug treatments. As the best pest control more
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