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An Athlete’s Guide to Foot Care, Brighton, New York
Regularly playing sports can take a toll on your feet due to the frequent movement and pressure. That’s why every athlete should develop a personalized foot care plan. If you’re not sure where to begin, learn more below. Common Foot Pro...read more
What Does Standing All Day Do to Your Feet?, Brighton, New York
Being on your feet all day can cause various health concerns, including foot pain. You may not always get to choose how much time you spend standing, but taking care of your foot health will help you avoid more serious concerns in t...read more
Brighton, NY Podiatry Businesses
Westside Podiatry Group, Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
919 Westfall Road, Building C Ste 130
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 506-9790
Westside Podiatry Group is the leading provider of specialized foot care in Rochester, NY. Their experienced doctors have helped patients with chronic foot and heel pain find the relief they need for the past 50 years. Their primary goal...
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4 Fall Injuries a Foot Doctor Can Help With, Brighton, New York
With summer drawing to a close, the heat is giving way to cooler days and beautiful fall foliage. Now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy New York's natural beauty, but bef...read more
How Can Your Shoes Impact Your Feet? , Brighton, New York
The way a pair of shoes looks is definitely a factor when shopping, but how they feel is even more important. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can cause foot pain, along with more ser...read more
3 Toenail Problems to Watch For, Brighton, New York
Maintaining good foot care means looking out for your toenails in addition to the skin, soles, and heels of your feet. If you forgo regularly trimming and inspecting for changes in y...read more
A Patient's Guide to Foot Emergencies During COVID-19, Brighton, New York
Many medical practices are offering limited services due to COVID-19, so you must know if your needs qualify before visiting. Luckily, if you experienced a foot injury, many aren't m...read more
4 FAQ About Bunions, Brighton, New York
Bunions are a common foot problem that can cause quite a bit of discomfort if not treated properly. This bony outgrowth develops at the base of the big toe in people of all ages, cau...read more
A Patient's Guide to Bone & Heel Spurs, Brighton, New York
If you have a painful lump on your foot, you might have a bone or heel spur. Luckily, some treatments can help with any symptoms you’re experiencing. For fast relief, learn more...read more
3 Tips for Treating a Sprained Ankle, Brighton, New York
Sprained ankles are common injuries, leading to discomfort that can range from a slight twinge to deep pain. If you have a sprain, you must take the right steps in the immediate afte...read more
A Patient's Guide to Ingrown Toenails, Brighton, New York
Ingrown toenails happen when the side of your nail grows into the soft tissue beside it, causing pain, swelling, and infection. If you’re experiencing this uncomfortable problem, lea...read more
5 Diabetic Foot Care Tips for the Winter, Brighton, New York
Cold weather presents special considerations for people with diabetes, especially when it comes to foot care. By seeing a podiatrist regularly and adhering to the following guideline...read more
Why You Should See a Podiatrist During Your Pregnancy, Brighton, New York
Your body experiences a lot of changes as you prepare for the birth of your child. However, while these changes are natural and to be expected, the strain of carrying can lead to bod...read more
What Runners Should Know About Foot Pain, Brighton, New York
While running can improve your physical and mental health, poor technique and ill-fitting shoes can lead to injury or pain. Foot pain can become so bad that you may be unable to walk...read more
What Your Podiatrist Wants You to Know About Gout, Brighton, New York
If you’ve been experiencing pain or tenderness in your foot joints, you might have gout. Although this condition affects 8.3 million individuals in the United States, many people are...read more
A Guide to Arches & Foot Pain, Brighton, New York
Arch discomfort is one of the most common forms of foot pain. Understanding what type of arch you have and what problems it can cause can help you prevent further...read more
Understanding Foot Pain at Night, Brighton, New York
Ongoing foot pain can be incredibly debilitating, especially when it happens at night. In addition to impacting the quality of your rest, the pain can also make you worry about ...read more
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