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3 Reasons Diabetic Foot Care Is Important for Overall Health, High Point, North Carolina
Diabetes is a serious health problem that occurs when the body can’t properly process glucose. Without treatment, the patient may experience serious long-term problems, such as kidney damage, vision problems, and foot pain. Below, t...read more
High Point Foot Specialist Answers 4 FAQs About Ingrown Toenails, High Point, North Carolina
Typically affecting the big toe, ingrown toenails are a common foot condition that occurs when the nail grows into the skin or when the skin grows over the nail. Although it is typically a minor health issue, it still shouldn’t be ignore...read more
Oakview Estates, NC Podiatry Businesses
High Point Foot Center, Foot Doctor, Podiatry, Podiatrists, High Point, North Carolina
6425 Old Plank Rd.
High Point, NC 27265
(336) 882-2070
Sometimes we don’t realize how important things are to us until it’s too late, and the same can be said for the importance of our feet. For one of the best podiatrists in Highpoint, NC, visit High Point Foot Center for a foot specialist ...
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A Podiatrist Offers 3 Tips on Preventing Plantar Fasciitis, High Point, North Carolina
Heel pain is common for many runners and is a strong indication that plantar fasciitis may become an issue. This condition causes significant discomfort and may even impede...read more
What Is Hammertoe & How Is It Treated?, High Point, North Carolina
Hammertoe is a potentially painful condition affecting a joint in the toe. The muscles and ligaments surrounding the toe joint become imbalanced, causing the toe to bend at an awkwar...read more
4 Tips for Preventing Foot Calluses, High Point, North Carolina
Calluses are areas of thick, rough skin and develop as a result of repeated pressure or friction. One of the most common locations for them is on your feet, where the repetitive...read more
5 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist Right Away, High Point, North Carolina
When you have a broken foot or need stitches on your toe, the emergency room is usually the best place to go for responsive medical care. But in other cases, foot problems may r...read more
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