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Why Your Chiropractor May Recommend Orthotics, Farmers Loop, Alaska
When you suffer from lower back pain, it’s paramount to find relief so you can return to daily life and physical activity with confidence. That’s why many individuals looking for a natural, noninvasive way to treat their discomfort more
What Is Musculoskeletal Pain?, Fairbanks, Alaska
Muskuloskeletal Pain Musculoskeletal pain is essentially any pain that impacts the bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, or nerves. It may onset suddenly and severely (called acute), or last over a long period (called chronic) more
Fairbanks North Star, AK Chiropractor Businesses
Sun 7 Chiropractic, Health & Wellness Centers, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Fairbanks, Alaska
29 College Rd, Ste 8B-1
Fairbanks, AK 99701
If you suffer from chronic back pain, you know even mild discomfort is enough to keep you from doing the things you love. It affects your quality of life and well-being, and finding a solution to your pain isn’t as easy as taking prescri...
Woodland Wellness Center, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Fairbanks, Alaska
376 Layla Ct.
Fairbanks, AK 99712
(907) 456-1571
If you’ve experienced an accident or are experiencing pain but you’re unsure of its cause, working with a chiropractor may help you find lasting relief or effective pain management techniques. Woodland Wellness Center in Fairbanks, AK pr...
North Pole Chiropractic, Health Clinics, Chiropractors, Chiropractor, North Pole, Alaska
3375 Badger Rd, Ste 5
North Pole, AK 99705
When you suffer from neck or back pain, a chiropractor can provide you with the kind of relief that makes your day-to-day life easier. In North Pole, AK, North Pole Chiropractic is the go-to for chiropractic treatment, whether you need r...
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Why Chiropractic Health Experts Recommend Standing Desks, North Pole, Alaska
Many people work at jobs that require sitting at a desk throughout the day, and perhaps you do too. Unfortunately, remaining in this position all day long can put a lot of pressure more
Standing All Day? Here Are 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Alleviate Leg Pain, North Pole, Alaska
Teachers, retailers, and other workers that spend most of their days on their feet tend to develop a lot of leg pain. When untreated, this can lead to more extensive injuries, more
3 Reasons to Care for Your Chiropractic Health Before You Travel, North Pole, Alaska
If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, long trips on an airplane, train, or in a car are often uncomfortable. Making a chiropractic health appointment before more
How Seeing a Chiropractor Can Provide Pregnancy Pain Relief, North Pole, Alaska
Despite the anticipation of motherhood, pregnancy comes with its fair share of aches and pains. And while this discomfort is a natural part of supporting a developing baby, North more
How to Relieve Neck Pain After Sustaining Whiplash in a Car Accident, North Pole, Alaska
Whiplash is a fairly common car accident injury that occurs when the muscles and tendons in the neck stretch and tear as the result of a sudden jerking motion of the head. It may more
Why You Should Do Physical Therapy Even If You're Not Injured, Farmers Loop, Alaska
Chances are you think physical therapy is only necessary when you’ve been injured. However, there are many other instances when you might benefit from a physical more
How Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy Complement Each Other, North Pole, Alaska
Chiropractic treatments and massage therapy are two popular homeopathic practices. In addition to feeling incredible, they are effective at treating multiple types of pain. In fact,& more
How Massage Therapy Complements Chiropractic Health , North Pole, Alaska
Chiropractic adjustments help re-align the spine to optimal positioning, thereby relieving pain and healing a range of conditions. From those with automobile injuries to back pain, more
Chiropractic Health Professionals on the Significance of Your Sleep Position, North Pole, Alaska
Body language reveals a lot about your personality, and not just when you’re awake. Your sleep position is also telling of certain character traits. Here, the chiropractic health more
Seeking Pain Relief Via Whiplash Therapy After a Car Accident, North Pole, Alaska
Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be traumatic in many ways. In addition to coming to grips with the reality of the crash, you must also cope with any physical more
How Inflammation Can Affect Your Overall & Chiropractic Health, North Pole, Alaska
If you’re already familiar with chiropractic health, you may notice how heavily your provider emphasizes controlling inflammation. Although a normal defense mechanism more
Why Workers' Comp Rehabilitation Should Be Treated With Chiropractic Care, North Pole, Alaska
The most common non-fatal workplace injuries are related to falls, lifting and lowering heavy objects, repetitive motions, vehicles, falling objects, and overexertion. They often more
How Prenatal Massage Therapy Benefits the Mother-to-Be, Farmers Loop, Alaska
During pregnancy, your body rapidly goes through a host of changes. You may experience extreme hormone fluctuations, weight gain, and backaches, for starters. Many women also more
Wellness Center Shares 5 Benefits of Chiropractic Prenatal Care, Farmers Loop, Alaska
Many people turn to chiropractic care at various points throughout their lives, as it is well-known for keeping the body in optimal health. But, did you know that seeing a more
3 Postpartum Chiropractic Care Treatments You Might Benefit From, North Pole, Alaska
Though you might not realize it, a woman is considered postpartum up to a year after giving birth. They can often experience issues such as back pain, sciatica, and misalignment due more
The Connection Between Chiropractic Health & Fertility, North Pole, Alaska
A chiropractor can help their patients with much more than back or neck pain. One of the lesser-known benefits of chiropractic health is that it can make it easier for patients to more
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