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3 Tips to Protect Your Back When Weightlifting, Soldotna, Alaska
Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle and stay in shape. However, without careful training, it can also lead to injuries. From spinal damage to lower back pain, not practicing proper technique can create health complications. more
How to Improve Spinal Flexibility, Soldotna, Alaska
The spine is a complex and crucial part of the body, and many people experience lower back pain daily due to inflexibility. To decrease pain or discomfort, you can increase your flexibility. Though it may take some time, more
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West Chiropractic Clinic , Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Soldotna, Alaska
138 W Marydale Ave
Soldotna, AK 99669
(907) 262-9171
West Chiropractic Clinic in Soldotna, AK, is committed to providing their patients with maximum relief. This family chiropractic practice specializes in exceptional reflexology and spine adjustment services, supervised by their experienc...
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4 Stretches to Help Hunters Prevent Lower Back Pain, Soldotna, Alaska
From hiking in remote locations to carrying heavy packs, hunting puts a lot of demand on your body — particularly on the lower lumbar region. If you’re not properly more
How a Chiropractor Treats a Bulging Disc , Soldotna, Alaska
A bulging disc is a common condition that occurs when an intervertebral disc slips out of its optimal positioning, whether due to injury or wear and tear over time. When it happens, more
3 Common Symptoms of a Herniated Disk, Soldotna, Alaska
A herniated disk is a painful condition that occurs along the spine, most often in the lower back. It can be traced to a number of causes, from age-related disc regeneration to more
What Is Piriformis Syndrome? A Chiropractor Explains, Soldotna, Alaska
The sciatic nerve is often the cause of lower back and leg pain, and various factors can put pressure on it. Piriformis syndrome is one of the less common causes, and the staff at more
How Chiropractic Treatment Aids in Back Surgery Recovery , Soldotna, Alaska
After undergoing a back surgery procedure, patients may take several months to over a year to recover. During this period, patients could receive a range of benefits from more
7 Beneficial Products a Quality Chiropractor May Recommend, Soldotna, Alaska
While most people associate chiropractic care with spinal adjustments, this treatment is only a portion of what chiropractors can provide. In addition to offering comprehensive more
4 Signs You Need Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain, Soldotna, Alaska
Whether you’ve got chronic neck pain or a sports-related injury, chiropractic treatment can provide the relief you need. But how do you know if you should seek treatment for your more
3 Commons Causes of Neck Pain, Soldotna, Alaska
Many people suffer from neck pain, but they don't always know the underlying cause of the discomfort. From having poor posture to a previous accident having long-term effects on more
On the Water This Summer? 3 Ways a Chiropractor Will Help You Overcome Lower Back Pain, Soldotna, Alaska
Chronic lower back pain is a debilitating condition that can prevent you from participating in the summer activities you love, like fishing, rafting, or tubing. Fortunately, seeing more
Curious About Subluxation? Soldotna Chiropractic Team Explains, Soldotna, Alaska
Because the spine is complex and can undergo a significant amount of strain, there are many different conditions that impact it. One such condition is called subluxation. more
Understanding the Causes of Lower Back Pain & How a Chiropractor Will Help, Soldotna, Alaska
Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments in the country, and it can afflict people from all walks of life and arise for a number of reasons. While it may seem like a more
The Science Behind Why Chiropractic Treatment Works, Soldotna, Alaska
There is a lot of confusion surrounding the way a chiropractor helps with injury recovery, pain relief, and wellness. This is because the science behind chiropractic treatment isn’t more
What Happens During a Spinal Adjustment?, Soldotna, Alaska
If you suffer from back pain, a spinal adjustment might offer relief. However, many people have questions about chiropractic treatment, and given the amount of misinformation more
3 Types of Back Problems Massage Therapy Can Address, Soldotna, Alaska
If you suffer from lower back pain, you know getting relief can be a real challenge. Massage therapy just might be able to help in this case, and the team at West Chiropractic more
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