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Discover the Truth About the Top 3 Birth Control Myths, Dothan, Alabama
When it comes to birth control, there are many options available, including hormonal and non-hormonal methods. But because of common myths and misconceptions, some women have difficulty choosing the method that’s best for them. To help d...read more
What Is HPV & How Do You Get It?, Dothan, Alabama
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is named for its butterfly-like appearance and is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Like the common cold, it has no known cure but is mostly harmless. However, since it sometimes causes warts...read more
Dothan, AL Obstetrics & Gynecology Businesses
Women's HealthCare Of Dothan, P.C., Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obgyn, Dothan, Alabama
4300 W Main St, #31
Dothan, AL 36305
(334) 793-6511
When it comes to women’s health, choosing the right healthcare provider can be overwhelming. At Women's HealthCare Of Dothan PC, the premier OB-GYN clinic in Dothan, Alabama, all of the doctors are committed to providing personal, high-q...
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5 Pregnancy Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist, Dothan, Alabama
Congratulations on your pregnancy! If this is your first time, you might be wondering how to begin learning everything you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy. Your fi...read more
5 Things Your Gynecologist Checks for During Yearly Visits, Dothan, Alabama
Most women know yearly visits to the gynecologist’s office are essential to staying healthy. Yet, few realize just how many things their doctor is looking for during a regular exam. ...read more
4 Signs You Should Consult Your Gynecologist, Dothan, Alabama
When it comes to women’s health, it can be difficult to determine what is normal and which symptoms are cause for concern. Although it’s always best to head to the doctor w...read more
7 Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist, Dothan, Alabama
An annual exam from your gynecologist might not be the first thing on your to-do list, but your yearly appointment is the perfect time to ask questions that ...read more
Recognizing the Signs of Endometriosis , Dothan, Alabama
Some women may be shy about openly discussing intense pelvic pain with their gynecologist. They may be experiencing symptoms that they are attributing to heavy periods. What they don...read more
What Are the Benefits of Birth Control Pills?, Dothan, Alabama
If you’re considering birth control as a pregnancy prevention option, but aren’t sure what to expect from it, Women’s HealthCare of Dothan, P.C. can explain why the pi...read more
What Is HPV? Dothan Gynecologists Explain , Dothan, Alabama
Most people have heard of HPV before, but many do not understand exactly what it is. Since HPV, or human papillomavirus, often doesn’t exhibit any signs or symptoms, it’s import...read more
6 Reasons to Call Your Gynecologist, Dothan, Alabama
When it comes to women’s health, it’s imperative to be in tune with your body and make an appointment with the gynecologist if you notice anything out of the ordinary. With Wome...read more
Birth Control 101: What Women Need to Know About This Contraceptive Method, Dothan, Alabama
Whether you don’t have the desire to bear children or it just isn’t the right time in your life, gynecologists encourage all sexually active women to use a reliable contraceptiv...read more
Endometriosis Questions Answered by Women's Health Experts, Dothan, Alabama
There’s a good chance that you know somebody with endometriosis; this chronic condition affects some 6.3 million women in the United States alone. Women's HealthCare Of Dothan, P.C.&...read more
What Should First-Time Pregnant Women Look for in an ObGyn?, Dothan, Alabama
If you’re a soon-to-be-mom for the first time, you’re likely experiencing plenty of overwhelming feelings. Women’s Healthcare Of Dothan P.C., Dothan, AL’s full-service women’s health...read more
Dothan ObGyn Clinic Explains the Different Types of Birth Control, Dothan, Alabama
When it comes to birth control, the wealth of information out there can be contradicting and overwhelming. But if you’re sexually active and want to avoid pregnancy or STDs, knowing ...read more
The Signs & Symptoms of Menopause, Dothan, Alabama
The signs and symptoms of menopause can vary greatly among women. Menopause typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, and it may feature a number of symptoms related to lowered...read more
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