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What Is A Reverse Vasectomy? , Honolulu, Hawaii
When it comes to family planning and reproductive choices, everything does not always go as planned. If you previously chose to have a vasectomy, you might now realize that you want to conceive again. Fortunately, with a trusted fertilit...read more
Is In Vitro Fertilization Right for You?, Honolulu, Hawaii
In vitro fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF, is one of the most popular infertility treatment options out there. If you’ve been having trouble conceiving, it may be able to help you. The doctors at Pacific In Vitro Fertilization ...read more
Oahu, HI Fertility Clinics & Physicians Businesses
Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute, Physician Assistants, Doctors, Fertility Clinics & Physicians, Honolulu, Hawaii
1319 Punahou Street Suite 980
Honolulu, HI 96826
Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute, Hawaii’s first IVF clinic, has been providing couples with fertility treatment options since 1985. With compassion and care, this Honolulu-based fertility clinic strives to make the dream of havi...
Ming Chen MD FACS , Fertility Clinics & Physicians, Surgery Centers, Ophthalmologists, Honolulu, Hawaii
55 South Kukui St. Suite C 109
Honolulu, HI 96813
Ming Chen, M.D., MSC, FACS. has been Hawaii’s premier ophthalmology care center since its founding in 1980. As an experienced eye physician and surgeon, Dr. Ming Chen is fully qualified to perform everything from routine eye examinations...
IVF Hawaii, Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fertility Clinics & Physicians, Honolulu, Hawaii
1329 Lusitana St., Ste 607
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 538-6655
There’s nothing quite as beautiful nor as fulfilling as bringing a child into the world, especially if you’ve been struggling to conceive. At IVF Hawaii, they bring little miracles to life by providing state-of-the-art in-vitro...
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4 Benefits of IVF Treatment, Honolulu, Hawaii
The journey to parenthood is different for every couple or individual. Whether you’re struggling with infertility or part of a nonhetersexual partnership, in vitro fertilization...read more
How Is a Woman’s Infertility Determined?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Modern infertility treatments make it easier than ever for women to conceive. If you are concerned about your fertility, a variety of tests and methods can determ...read more
Another Win in the Fight for In Vitro Cost Coverage , Honolulu, Hawaii
For couples having difficulty conceiving, in vitro fertilization can be the solution they need to expand their family. Unfortunately, this assisted reproductive technology can be pri...read more
Which Celebrities Have Opened Up About In Vitro Fertilization?, Honolulu, Hawaii
For many couples, the road to having a baby may require more steps than anticipated. Luckily, modern science allows many individuals with fertility challenges to become parents. In v...read more
Infertility Specialist Explains What Impacts a Woman’s Egg Quality, Honolulu, Hawaii
Women are born with the number of eggs they will carry for their lifetime. As they get older, the quantity and quality of their eggs reduce. An infertility specialist expla...read more
4 Common Misconceptions About IVF Treatment, Honolulu, Hawaii
In vitro fertilization, or IVF treatment, is a relatively modern reproductive technology, and, as such, it is still misunderstood by many people. There are a number of myths surround...read more
A Fertility Doctor Explains How Egg Freezing Works, Honolulu, Hawaii
Egg freezing, which is also known as oocyte cryopreservation, cools the eggs to a very low temperature to keep them from aging normally.  It’s an excellent option for women who ...read more
Honolulu Fertility Clinic Shares Tips to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving, Honolulu, Hawaii
Starting a family is a beautiful, wonderful experience. However, the process of conceiving can sometimes be tricky—all the contributing factors need to line up perfectly for a woman ...read more
What are the benefits of Embryo Transfer with Transvaginal Ultrasound?, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you are trying to get pregnant, you might wonder why you have not yet been successful. An infertility specialist can help you learn more about why you haven’t conceived and p...read more
An Infertility Specialist on 3 Causes of Low Sperm Count, Honolulu, Hawaii
Low sperm count is a common concern for couples trying to conceive. There are several reasons why a man’s sperm count might be insufficient and getting to the bottom of the cause off...read more
Who is an Ideal Candidate for In Vitro Fertilization?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Making the decision to have children should be an exciting milestone moment for any couple. Unfortunately, having difficulty conceiving can make this life stage challenging. The good...read more
How to Support Your Pregnant Partner During the First Confirming Ultrasound Appointment, Honolulu, Hawaii
Ultrasound technology has advanced a lot in recent years, and some specialty clinics even offer parents 3-D images of their unborn children. A lot of providers also use this technolo...read more
How Does Age Impact Your Reproductive Abilities?, Honolulu, Hawaii
As any fertility doctor will tell you, your reproductive abilities are not the same at 36 as they might have been at 18. Both men and women experience changes to their bodies with ag...read more
How to Discuss Infertility Treatments With Loved Ones, Honolulu, Hawaii
Although roughly one in 10 couples have issues getting pregnant, it’s difficult to discuss these problems with friends or family members. However, finding support within yo...read more
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