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4 Tips to Prevent Back Pain During Spring Cleaning, Elyria, Ohio
With the arrival of warm weather, spring cleaning season is in full swing. Unfortunately, all the lifting, reaching, and other strenuous activities associated with cleaning can mean trouble for people with back pain. more
How Chiropractic Care Provides Headache Relief, Elyria, Ohio
For those who experience frequent headaches, no price for headache relief may be too high. Depending on the source and severity of your troubles, a chiropractor may recommend several therapies and exercises to relieve the pressure, more
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Midway Pointe Chiropractic, Health & Wellness Centers, Pain Management, Chiropractor, Elyria, Ohio
170 Midway Blvd
Elyria, OH 44035
(440) 324-2040
Whether you suffer from back pain or migraines, the caring staff at Midway Pointe Chiropractic believes you deserve to live pain-free and well. That’s why the Elyria, OH, chiropractor and the rest of the team strive to provide state-of-t...
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The Do's & Don'ts of Preventing "Tech Neck" Pain, Elyria, Ohio
From checking text messages to reading emails, people place a lot of strain on muscles in the back of the neck when looking down at electronic devices. When your muscles contract to more
FAQ About Scoliosis, Elyria, Ohio
Scoliosis, which affects six to nine million Americans, is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It usually develops before puberty, and symptoms range from mild to more
Do's & Don'ts for Avoiding Neck Pain on Long Flights, Elyria, Ohio
Airplane travel may get you quickly from point A to B, but it isn't always comfortable. Tight seats don’t give passengers much room to stretch out, and sitting still for extended more
What to Know About Whiplash , Elyria, Ohio
If you’ve ever been in a car collision, you’re probably familiar with the soreness and muscle aches caused by the impact. The necks of drivers and passengers may jerk forward more
Make the Most of Every Workout By Warming up With These Moves, Elyria, Ohio
Most chiropractors would agree that warming up before every workout can reduce the risk of injury. Performing a few dynamic moves at the start of each session will also improve more
3 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain From Fall Yardwork, Elyria, Ohio
Fall is a prime time to ready your yard and garden for the dormancy of winter. From raking leaves to weeding and reapplying mulch, you’ve many tasks to undertake. If you aren't more
3 Ways to Avoid Shoulder Pain at Work, Elyria, Ohio
Many people experience shoulder pain at work. Repetitive actions—whether mousing through spreadsheets, swiping items at a checkout counter, toting heavy boxes, or operating a more
How to Keep Your Purse From Causing Back Pain, Elyria, Ohio
Chiropractors commonly treat patients that suffer from both neck and back pain as a result of their daily habits. Did you know that the discomfort you feel may be linked to the more
3 Habits That Are Bad for Your Back, Elyria, Ohio
Experts believe that 80% of Americans will experience chronic back pain at some point during their lives. It’s the single leading cause of disability, preventing people from more
3 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident, Elyria, Ohio
Car accidents have a serious impact on the body, not all of which are immediately noticeable. There are important steps to take following a collision, especially if you’re seeking more
3 Tips to Prepare for a Chiropractic Adjustment, Elyria, Ohio
By gently correcting your spinal alignment, a chiropractic adjustment can help you find relief from back pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. If you’ve scheduled your more
5 Natural Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain, Elyria, Ohio
Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis pain each year. Taking pain killers isn’t always the answer and often doesn’t provide a long-term solution. Instead, many more
How to Prevent Injuries From Yard Work This Spring, Elyria, Ohio
As the first mild days of spring arrive, many homeowners are eager to get out and start tackling yard work projects. While some fresh air and physical activity are certainly more
Common Winter Injuries Chiropractors Treat , Elyria, Ohio
With sparkling icicles and frosty trees, winter is a beautiful season — but it can also be dangerous. Between slippery roads and walkways and shoveling snow, there are plenty more
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