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How Many Alcoholic Drinks a Day Is Acceptable?, Waialua, Hawaii
Human livers filter and detoxify the blood, so it’s critical to consider how much you’re drinking to avoid damaging this vital organ. People who drink too much may benefit from a cleanse to help the liver remove impurities more
3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body, Waialua, Hawaii
It’s springtime again, and that usually means an emphasis on cleaning. However, spring cleaning doesn’t have to end with your home or office—you can take it a step further by removing toxins from your body. There’s no better time to do more
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M.O. Wellness Center, Health Clinics, Health & Wellness Centers, Waialua, Hawaii
66-216 Farrington Hwy., Ste 102
Waialua, HI 96791
(808) 636-9004
Living a healthier life can be achieved by a process known as colon hydrotherapy, a non-medical procedure which cleanses the bowels of excess bacteria and other matter to promote healthier skin and digestive tracts, decrease bloating, an...
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5 Benefits of Detoxifying Your Body, Waialua, Hawaii
If you’re considering a full-body detox, you may be wondering how this toxin-eliminating process can benefit you. While your body is equipped with its own detoxification processes, more
3 Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy, Waialua, Hawaii
Colon hydrotherapy is an all-natural treatment that cleans the large intestine of residual waste, bacteria, and other toxic matter. The procedure boosts your health by encouraging a more
3 Benefits of Getting an Enema, Waialua, Hawaii
Your colon processes everything you consume, and over time, it can become backed-up with waste and bacteria. If your colon is full, you may experience cramps, constipation, and a more
4 Tips to Prepare for a Colon Cleanse, Waialua, Hawaii
Getting a colon cleanse will benefit you in many ways, from removing toxins to boosting energy. Take the time to prepare before your session so that you can experience all more
Why You Should Detox Before the Holiday Season, Waialua, Hawaii
The holiday season offers several occasions for people to indulge in their favorite foods and drinks with loved ones. Many people end up doing a detox after the festivities have more
4 Foods That Affect Colonic Health, Waialua, Hawaii
The colon, also called the large intestine, absorbs water from digested food and allows the remaining material to pass through in the form of stool. Given the essential role it more
How Excessive Drinking Affects Your Liver, Waialua, Hawaii
The liver serves as a filter, cleaning the blood and removing harmful substances. This organ also aids digestion, stores energy, and prevents infections by producing helpful enzymes, more
What to Know About Body Detoxes, Waialua, Hawaii
Due to busy schedules and the convenience of fast food, some people consume high amounts of processed foods, making it difficult for the body to eliminate waste. Here’s a more
3 Clues You Need a Colon Cleanse, Waialua, Hawaii
Although your body naturally eliminates waste, a colon cleanse is believed to remove additional toxins. At the beginning of the treatment, a colonic hygienist inserts a more
FAQ About Enemas, Waialua, Hawaii
Enemas eliminate waste and toxins from the colon. The process is often performed to relieve constipation; however, people may also use the treatment to increase their body’s more
3 Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body, Waialua, Hawaii
To stay healthy and energized, many individuals seek body cleanses that promote total wellness. While colon and liver cleanses are popular and effective ways to more
A Brief Guide to Gallbladder Cleanses, Waialua, Hawaii
A gallbladder cleanse consists of a special diet that’s designed to purge toxins that cause gallstones or worsen existing ones. Allowing hard deposits to form in the more
Everything You Should Know About Colonic Irrigation, Waialua, Hawaii
Your colon is the first section of your large intestine, and its job is to break down and dehydrate wastes so they can leave the body. Over time, it can become bogged down with more
How Can a Gallbladder Cleanse Alleviate Gallstones?, Waialua, Hawaii
For people who experience frequent gallstones, a gallbladder cleanse is a nonmedical, noninvasive treatment to prevent and flush them out. Gallstones can require surgery, but a more
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