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MRI Scans & Claustrophobia, Monroe, New York
An MRI scan can be an incredibly valuable medical tool, but claustrophobia keeps many people from getting one. This type of diagnostic imaging involves a person’s body entering the small space in a machine. Hudson Valley Imaging in more
The Use of Contrast in Diagnostic Imaging , Monroe, New York
Medical tests can sometimes seem confusing, so the more you are familiar with them, the more comfortable you may feel. One question that tends to come up for many patients relates to the role of contrast in CT scans and MRIs. As more
Monroe, NY Radiology & Imaging Businesses
Hudson Valley Imaging , Prenatal Ultrasound Imaging, Radiology & Imaging, Radiology & Imaging, Monroe, New York
745 NY-17M
Monroe, NY 10950
(845) 220-2222
Hudson Valley Imaging has established itself as an industry leader in diagnostic imaging not only in their home town of Monroe, NY, but across the country. This advanced office is the area’s first center to offer all­-digital imaging, es...
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The role of Diagnostic Imaging in the fight against cancer. , Monroe, New York
Advancements in medical technology have made diagnostic imaging an essential player in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. Magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound more
When Is It Appropriate to Use Contrast in an MRI or CT Scan?, Monroe, New York
When you get an MRI or CT scan, your radiologist will specify whether or not you’ll need  contrast. Hudson Valley Imaging of Monroe, NY, uses this material, more
What to Know About PET Scans: Common Questions Answered, Monroe, New York
X-rays reveal fractured bones. Ultrasounds capture the soft tissue of internal organs. But only PET scans can detail these tissues on a cellular level. If your doctor has ordered a more
5 Common Reasons Women Avoid Mammograms, Monroe, New York
Having a mammogram performed annually is the best way doctors can detect early signs of breast disease. Unfortunately, not enough women are having this vital exam done; according to more
What Is a Biopsy & What Should You Expect? , Monroe, New York
Has you doctor ever ordered a biopsy to further explore a concerning finding on an imaging test? Unfortunately, many patients are nervous about this basic diagnostic procedure, more
Health Care 101: What Does a Radiologist Do?, Monroe, New York
Radiologists play an important role in the health care of our population. As medical doctors with advanced training in diagnostic imaging, they’re responsible for diagnosing or more
3D Mammography, Monroe, New York
3D Mammography Hudson Valley Imaging now offers read more
PET Scans: What to Know About This Common Imaging Test   , Monroe, New York
A PET scan is a popular and potentially life-saving imaging test. When doctors want to check for the presence of a disease, such as cancer, coronary artery disease, or Alzheimer’s, more
The Basics of an Ultrasound: What, Why, & How, Monroe, New York
When you think of an ultrasound, you probably picture a pregnant woman getting an exciting peek at her unborn baby. While this is a common use for the procedure, it does serve a more
3 Reasons Why Diagnostic Imaging Is More Convenient for Patients, Monroe, New York
Revolutionary technologies such as diagnostic imaging have advanced the medical field and, in turn, led to increased human life expectancy and quality of life. Not only does it more
Your Simple Guide to Diagnostic Imaging, Monroe, New York
Diagnostic imaging is a tool that allows doctors to take images inside your body to diagnose and determine the best way to treat medical problems. There are a few different types of more
What Are the Advantages of a 3D Mammogram?, Monroe, New York
  Mammograms help save lives, as they can detect the presence of breast cancer before it becomes noticeable to the patient or doctor. Since early treatment increases survival more
What Age Should a Woman Have a Baseline Mammogram? , Monroe, New York
A baseline mammogram serves as a first glance at your breast health—an accurate image with which to compare future assessments and identify gradual changes in more
Radiology Basics: 4 Things to Know About Prostate MRIs, Monroe, New York
A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner uses powerful magnetic fields to generate an image of a particular body part, such as the prostate and the tissues surrounding more
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