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How to get a second opinion for your DoT physical, Queens, New York
Are you unhappy with the outcome of your DOT physical?  Do you disagree with your medical examiner?  Whatever you do, don’t yell at your examiner or make a scene.  Under regulations you are entitled to get a second opinion...read more
Hearing requirements for commercial drivers, Queens, New York
What are the hearing requirements and how do they differ from the vision requirements? http://dotmedicalexaminerblog.com/2014/06/21/the-deaf-cmv-driver-hearing-requirements-how-the-hearing-standards-differ-from-vision-2/   Dr. Ro...read more
College Point, NY Drug Testing Laboratories Businesses
DOT Medical Examiner, Medical Testing & Monitoring, Drug Testing Laboratories, Doctors, College Point, New York
120-10 15th Ave Ste 2
College Point, NY 11356
(718) 701-5949
Under the direction of Dr. Randolph Rosarion, MD, DOT Medical Examiner—based in College Point, Queens, NY—specializes in offering Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals for commercial drivers and truckers as well as related service...
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What medical conditions are disqualifying for pilots & what  you need to do if you still want to fly?, Queens, New York
The following medical conditions are specifically disqualifying under 14 CFR part 67. However, the FAA may exercise discretionary authority under the provisions of Authorization of S...read more
Driver language requirement; CDL Fraud, Queens, New York
Article about Driver English proficiency and CDL fraud schemes.  Ultimately, as far as what the medical examiner should be concerned about regarding this issue is that English p...read more
4 Questions Beginners Commonly Ask About Scuba Diving, Queens, New York
Learning to scuba dive can be a fun way to explore a huge part of the world not seen very often by humans. However, many people still have reservations about the activity because the...read more
A Guide to Your Scuba Diving Medical Exam, Queens, New York
Whether you scuba dive as part of your profession or as a sport, a scuba diving medical exam is required before you can be certified to dive. This medical exam will ensure ...read more
How to Find a Certified Examiner for Drug Testing & Physicals, Queens, New York
If your job requires drug testing or a physical exam before you’re cleared to work, you must find a certified medical examiner who can get the job done efficiently and affordabl...read more
NYC Taxi Driver Physical Exam _Special , Queens, New York
NYC TLC has PAUSED  new applicants for FHV licenses on 08/14/2018 (except for WC accessible vehicle drivers and current FHV licensees).  Current NYC TLC drivers still ...read more
Pilot Class 2 & 3 physicals, Queens, New York
Learning to fly or need to renew your current pilot medical certificate? If you are in the NYC queens area near LaGuardia Airport call Sands Point Medical at 718-701-5949. Rand...read more
What's Involved in a DOT CDL Medical Examination? , Queens, New York
People with a commercial driver’s license — CDL — who operate vehicles for interstate commerce with a weight over 10,000 pounds, vehicles with nine or more passengers, or v...read more
What pilots need to know about their airman medical certificate., Queens, New York
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical examination process assures that all pilots meet the medical standards necessary to safely fly and that airmen do NOT have any of th...read more
What Vaccines are Required to Pass a Green Card Immigration Medical Exam?, Queens, New York
If you or a loved one wants to get a Green Card, it's important to keep up with all of the necessary documentation and requirements. One big step is taking and passing the immig...read more
DOT & Pilot Physicals: 4 FAQ About Vision Answered, Queens, New York
Operating a commercial-sized motor vehicle or an aircraft requires skill, agility, and proper training. That’s why potential drivers and flyers are required to pass a CDL medical exa...read more
FAQ About the Pilot Medical Exam, Queens, New York
To become a professional pilot, an individual must take and pass a pilot physical administered by an aviation medical examiner and receive an aviation medical certificate. Required b...read more
Why Are Pilot Physicals Mandatory?, Queens, New York
If you plan on flying an airplane, helicopter, or airship for either commercial or personal reasons, you’ll need to schedule a pilot physical first. This exam ensures you a...read more
What You'll Need to Bring to an Immigration Medical Exam, Queens, New York
To obtain a green card and reside in the United States as an immigrant, you must first undergo an immigration medical exam. Those living in the New York metro area can do this a...read more
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