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3 Comfortable Compression Stockings for Summer, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Compression stockings improve blood flow, prevent swelling, and prevent dangerous blood clots; they are a vital treatment component for many patients with varicose veins and circulation problems. However, just because they are necessary ...read more
A Step-By-Step Guide for Putting on Compression Stockings, La Crosse, Wisconsin
By reducing venous pressure, compression stockings help patients manage conditions related to blood flow in the veins of the leg. However, at Hilton Medical Supply, based in La Crosse, WI, they know that some people have trouble putting ...read more
La Crosse, WI Wheelchair Rental Businesses
Hilton Medical Supply , Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Wheelchair Rental, Medical Supplies, La Crosse, Wisconsin
500 S 3rd St.
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 785-0390
As loved ones get older, home medical supplies can keep them living comfortably and independently longer. At Hilton Medical Supply, the skilled and friendly staff has experience helping people evaluate their needs. Family-owned and -oper...
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3 Ways Power Scooters Will Help You Get a New Lease on Life, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If an illness, disability, or recovery after a recent surgery makes it difficult for you to walk even a few steps without becoming tired, you might benefit from a power scooter. This...read more
3 Compression Stocking Options to Consider, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Compression stockings compress the legs to prevent venous disorders such as phlebitis and thrombosis from worsening by reducing the size of bulging veins so blood circulation improve...read more
Buying a Lift Chair? 3 Important Things to Consider, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Do you have a loved one with limited mobility? A lift chair makes sitting, lying down, and moving around easier. Designed like a standard reclining chair, lift chairs are equipp...read more
4 Stretches for Wheelchair Back Pain Relief, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Long-term sitting can put pressure on your back, but for those using a wheelchair, sitting for long periods is unavoidable. The knowledgeable staff at Hilton Medical Supply in La Cro...read more
What Medical Supplies Do I Need for Safe Home Accessibility?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you’re working to make your home wheelchair accessible for a loved one, you want to know what medical supplies are essential to best accommodate their comfort and daily ...read more
3 Must-Have Medical Supplies for Bathroom Safety, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The bathroom is one of the most frequent places that seniors face falls, so it’s necessary to have the proper medical supplies to keep them safe. All it takes is a few simple pr...read more
Common Lift Chair FAQs Answered, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If you or your loved one has trouble moving around without discomfort, a lift chair can help. A lift chair is a recliner that also has the ability to gently assist you when it’s time...read more
Who Should Use Walkers or Wheelchairs? Your Guide to Mobility Aids, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Mobility aids, like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs, can improve your quality of life immensely, especially as you age. At Hilton Medical Supply in La Crosse, WI, they sell everythin...read more
Go With the Flow: 3 Blood Circulation Benefits of Compression Stockings , La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you work long shifts on your feet or are suffering from circulation issues, compression stockings can be an invaluable source of physical relief. For over 70 years,...read more
Lift Chairs Galore!!, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Golden technologies Lift Chairs! Over 25 Lift Chairs in store! We have our own service tech in store. Golden offers the best warranties! Don’t be fooled by furniture store prices the...read more
Portable Scooters are here!!, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Stop in for our selection of portable scooters by Golden Technologies! Become more active, Golden Scooters  are lightweight and portable easy to put into the car and durabl...read more
La Crosse's Medical Supplies Experts on How to Buy a Shower Chair or Bath Seat, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When a loved one gets older, it can be a good idea to install a shower chair or bath seat in their bathroom. Doing so will provide them with extra stability and security in the showe...read more
Choosing a Wheelchair: What to Keep in Mind When Deciding, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Now more than ever, there are a lot of wheelchairs out there, which means that there’s certainly a perfect one for every user. On the other hand, this abundance of options means that...read more
Hilton Medical Supply Explains the Features of Hospital Beds, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When it comes to home medical care, it’s important to get high-quality equipment so that you can rest assured that you or your loved ones are safe even without constant medical super...read more
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