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5 Ways to Simplify Sports Rehabilitation , Lincoln, Nebraska
From dislocated shoulders to torn Achilles tendons, many sports injuries can bench an athlete. However, physical therapy will help your body heal properly and get you back in the game faster. If you’re looking for the best recovery ...read more
How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Balance, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many people only think about physical therapy as a treatment for injuries, but it’s also useful for preventing injuries. For example, people with trouble balancing can benefit tremendously from the targeted strength-building ex...read more
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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers , Therapist, Orthotics, Physical Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
2130 S 17th St
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 476-6575
Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers in Lincoln, NE, is a name synonymous with efficient physiotherapy services. Much like the unique spelling of its name, this top-rated practice stands out, due to the quality of physical rehabilitatio...
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5 Ways You Can Prepare for Physical Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you’re dealing with the effects of a sports injury, or suffer from chronic pain, physical therapy is a great way to find relief and rebalance your body. However, if you’ve ne...read more
3 Ways Physical Therapy Treats Chronic Pain, Lincoln, Nebraska
Chronic pain can make completing even the simplest tasks difficult. Many people find themselves so exhausted that regular exercise seems out of the question. However, working out is ...read more
Back Pain Relief Tips For Weightlifters, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you lift weights often, you may injure your back at some point in your training. Strategies like rest, heat therapy, and cold therapy are known to provide temporary improvement. H...read more
4 Important Tips to Prevent Falls, Lincoln, Nebraska
A simple slip can lead to serious injuries. Since previously injured and elderly individuals may be particularly vulnerable to a dangerous fall, it’s important to take proactive meas...read more
3 Incredible Benefits of Deep-Tissue Laser Treatment, Lincoln, Nebraska
Deep-tissue laser therapy is a revolutionary and non-invasive technology that alleviates pain without the need for drugs. It can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from low...read more
A Brief Guide to Vestibular Rehabilitation For Balance Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
From being able to drive to simply walking down the street, problems with dizziness and vertigo can affect every aspect of your life. According to the professionals at Fyzical Therap...read more
Understanding the Connection Between Dizziness & Balance Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
The National Center for Biotechnology Information estimates 65% of people aged 60 years or older experience dizziness or loss of balance on a regular basis. This difficulty walk...read more
Lincoln Physical Therapy Experts Offer 5 Tips to Prevent Injuries, Lincoln, Nebraska
Living an active lifestyle benefits your health, but it can also put you at a greater risk of getting hurt. That’s why the professionals at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers ...read more
3 Benefits of Balance Therapy & Exercise for Overall Health, Lincoln, Nebraska
Balance is an essential skill for simple, everyday tasks such as walking up and down the stairs or carrying two objects at the same time. However, if you’re someone who struggles wit...read more
Deciding Which Balance Device to Use During Physical Rehabilitation, Lincoln, Nebraska
When going through physical rehabilitation, there are a number of ways people can help streamline the recovery process. One of the most effective methods is utilizing balance-as...read more
Balance Therapy Professionals Explain the Importance of Movement in Fall Prevention, Lincoln, Nebraska
As you age, your strength, balance, and even coordination deteriorate. The risk of accidental falls becomes greater, as does the extent of the damage that can result. That is why it ...read more
3 Tips to Achieve Back Pain Relief, Lincoln, Nebraska
Back pain can make it impossible to accomplish even the smallest day-to-day tasks. It can manifest for a number of reasons, and when it is left untreated, it can be a constant s...read more
3 Tip to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you've suffered an injury or are healing from a physical ailment, you likely require physical therapy sessions. To best recover, you must take the steps to get the most out of you...read more
3 Benefits of Using the Solo-Step™ Fall Protection and Balance System Program, Lincoln, Nebraska
Unfortunately, it is all too common for seniors to get injured or die as a result of a fall-related accident. To prevent your aging loved one from this type of accident, you might wa...read more
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