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What's the Connection Between Motorcycles & Hearing Loss?, Kerrville, Texas
For many motorcycle riders, the louder the roar, the better. Unfortunately, this can have consequences. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of hearing loss. Here’s some information to ensure you take the proper steps to...read more
Do’s & Don’ts for Protecting Your Hearing at a Concert, Kerrville, Texas
No experience can match the energy and artistry of live music. Performances are often broadcast over massive speaker systems that can do extensive and lasting damage to your hearing. Read this helpful guide to protect yourself from&...read more
Ingram, TX Hearing Aids Businesses
Solbrig Hearing Center, Telephone Equipment, Audiologists & Hearing, Hearing Aids, Kerrville, Texas
825 Junction Hwy
Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 895-5900
Living with a hearing impairment brings specific challenges to everyday life. In addition to impacting your communication ability in person, at work, or when talking on the phone, hearing impairments can also make it hard to do things yo...
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3 Common Types of Assistive Listening Devices, Kerrville, Texas
Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids and assistive hearing devices are not all alike. There are several different varieties of assistive listening devices that make it easier for...read more
3 Ways to Maintain Your Hearing Aid, Kerrville, Texas
Although hearing aids are modern marvels of audiology, they still have routine maintenance requirements. The more diligent you are with upkeep, the longer and better your device will...read more
3 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repairs, Kerrville, Texas
Hearing aids are electronic devices that absorb sound waves and amplify them so that you can hear better. Over time, the intricate mechanisms encased in these devices can break or de...read more
3 Ways Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life, Kerrville, Texas
Roughly 48 million people in the United States cope with hearing loss, especially as they age. But shockingly, almost 80% of people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wea...read more
What Are the Different Types of Hearing Aids?, Kerrville, Texas
If your doctor recently prescribed a hearing aid, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of shopping for this device. Understanding the different options available will sim...read more
How to Protect Your Hearing From New Year's Eve Fireworks, Kerrville, Texas
When you are subjected to loud noise—such as the sound of fireworks exploding—the vibrations can damage the hair cells, membranes, and nerves in your ears, causing either p...read more
3 Tips for Traveling With Hearing Aids, Kerrville, Texas
The holidays are right around the corner, which means many people will soon be packing their bags and traveling to visit family and friends. If you wear a hearing aid, there are some...read more
3 Hearing Aid Tips for Winter Weather, Kerrville, Texas
As with any electronics, cold conditions can impact hearing aids. These devices have intricate components that can be compromised by increased moisture, as well as fal...read more
How Is Hearing Loss Tied to Memory?, Kerrville, Texas
Hearing loss can disrupt the quality of life for those affected by it. Yet, it can lead to compounded issues that further impact a person’s day to day activities. In particular, hear...read more
FAQ About Earwax, Kerrville, Texas
Earwax is a normal, healthy substance produced within the ear canal, but it can cause minor hearing loss and require a professional to remove it. Everyone accumulates and discha...read more
3 Ways Hearing Aids Can Benefit You, Kerrville, Texas
As we age, it’s normal to experience some hearing loss. Many people resist getting hearing aids because they think these listening devices are a sign of weakness but they offer ...read more
3 Reasons to Get a Hearing Test, Kerrville, Texas
Hearing loss is a more common issue than you think—affecting approximately 48 million Americans. Our ability to perceive sound naturally declines as we age and the process can b...read more
 What Is Swimmer's Ear?, Kerrville, Texas
There are a number of conditions with the potential to cause hearing loss when not correctly treated. One of the most common is swimmer's ear. It occurs when the ear canal is irritat...read more
3 Common Causes of Hearing Loss, Kerrville, Texas
37.5 million American adults report experiencing some degree of regular hearing loss. This can make it difficult to carry out the tasks of daily living and to communicate effectively...read more
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