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FAQ About Hearing Aids, Ewa, Hawaii
Hearing loss can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. Fortunately, finding the right hearing aid can help you stay connected with auditory joys like conversing with loved ones or listening to music. Because many peopl...read more
 How Hearing Aids Are Made, Ewa, Hawaii
Hearing aids help amplify sound for those with hearing impairments. Worn in or behind the ear, these small electronic devices can improve the quality of life for hearing-compromised individuals, enabling them to participate more ful...read more
Waipahu, HI Hearing Aids Businesses
Beltone Hearing Care Center, Audiologists & Hearing, Hearing Aids, Honolulu, Hawaii
3221 Waialae Avenue Suite 345
Honolulu, HI 96816
One of the many indicators of aging is hearing loss, which can cause you to feel left out of a conversation or continuously ask people to repeat themselves. Beltone Hearing Care Center West, located in Honolulu, ...
Pacific Hearing Care - Mililani, Audiologists & Hearing, Audiologists, Hearing Aids, Mililani, Hawaii
95-390 Kuahelani Ave, #2d
Mililani, HI 96789
Losing your hearing is frustrating. When it happens, you need support from people you can trust. At Pacific Hearing Care in Hawaii, the center's caring staff will find the best hearing solution suited to your individual needs. With locat...
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3 Celebrities With Hearing Loss & How They Manage It, Ewa, Hawaii
Hearing loss does not discriminate against profession, lifestyle, or any other characteristic. It is therefore no surprise that, like the rest of the population, some famous people&n...read more
4 Facts About Tinnitus, Ewa, Hawaii
Tinnitus affects roughly 50 million Americans, and hearing aids cannot entirely cure this condition. Affected patients hear a sound, typically a high-pitched ringing noise, in their ...read more
3 Tips for Dealing With the Police When You Have Hearing Loss, Ewa, Hawaii
Getting stopped and questioned by police is a stressful situation. But when you have hearing loss, the situation may escalate if your inability to hear instructions is interpret...read more
How to Protect Against Genetically Predisposed Hearing Loss, Ewa, Hawaii
While it might not be your primary health concern, hearing loss can affect various aspects of your life, including your line of work and your general mobility. However, some peo...read more
A Guide to How Hearing Loss Affects Your Balance System, Ewa, Hawaii
While hearing loss is an issue that can affect an individual’s ability to communicate with others, it can also impact the body’s sense of balance. This is because the inner ear contr...read more
3 Different Types of Hearing Loss, Ewa, Hawaii
From simply getting older to being exposed to extreme sound volumes, approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. In the case of loud noises, you ca...read more
How to Cope With Noisy Public Restrooms When You Have Hearing Aids , Ewa, Hawaii
The high-decibel whirr of public toilets, faucets, and hand dryers isn’t healthy for anyone’s ears. According to the experts, people should not endure more than 15 minutes of this no...read more
What to Expect During a Hearing Aid Fitting, Ewa, Hawaii
Hearing aids provide millions of people with the assistance they need to navigate and enjoy the sounds of everyday life. However, these life-changing tools require periodic adjustmen...read more
Replicating Nature - Signia Nx, Ewa, Hawaii
The Signia Nx features the world’s first Own-Voice Processing (OVP™) technology.  World’s First, Natural Own Voice Experience Enjoy natural sounding own voice combined wi...read more
What’s the Difference Between Traditional & Digital Hearing Aids?, Ewa, Hawaii
Hearing loss is a daunting issue to deal with, but there are a variety of hearing aid options to assist. According to the staff at Pacific Hearing Care in Honolulu and Mililani, HI, ...read more
3 Delicious Foods That Fight Hearing Loss, Ewa, Hawaii
A healthy, balanced diet helps you prevent illnesses, protect your bones and organs, and even improve your blood pressure and cholesterol. Many of the foods you eat to achieve these ...read more
The Surprising Connection Between Osteoporosis & Hearing Loss, Ewa, Hawaii
Osteoporosis is a disease that develops when the body loses too much calcium, causing bones to become brittle and weak. While the most common symptoms of this disease include bone pa...read more
How Hearing Aids Keep People Healthy & Happy, Ewa, Hawaii
While hearing loss is primarily seen as a physical issue, it can also have a significant impact on mental health. Fortunately, hearing aids help people maintain their ...read more
3 Common Myths About Hearing Aids , Ewa, Hawaii
While many people experience some level of hearing loss, they are often hesitant to purchase hearing aids due to preconceived notions about this technology. The professiona...read more
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