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In-Home Caregivers Explain Age-Related Memory Loss , Honolulu, Hawaii
Do you find yourself unable to perform everyday activities that were once second-nature to you — such as cooking, carrying on a conversation, or recalling memories? To a certain degree, mild memory loss can be a common part of ...read more
4 Ways In-Home Caregivers Can Help Seniors Live Independently, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re one of the many in-home caregivers providing support for an aging family member, know that you are not alone. It can be a challenge to help a loved one retain the independence they desire while ensuring their health and safety....read more
Honolulu, HI Home Health Care Services Businesses
Elite Services of Hawaii, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health Care Services, Home Health Care, Honolulu, Hawaii
900 Fort Street Mall, Ste 300
Honolulu, HI 96813
When you’re in need of senior care services that are personalized and comprehensive, Elite Services of Hawaii is prepared to accommodate you. Based in Honolulu and comprised of only the best health care professionals in the area, Elite S...
CareResource Hawaii , Home Health Care Agency, Home Health, Home Health Care Services, Honolulu, Hawaii
680 Iwilei Rd, Suite 660
Honolulu, HI 96817
If you're seeking compassionate in-home care for a loved one, Honolulu-based CareResource Hawaii is the ideal choice. Earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and being members in good standing with the National Association o...
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3 FAQ About Congestive Heart Failure, Honolulu, Hawaii
Congestive heart failure can strike at any age — and depending on your treatment, the recovery could require a home care service. If you or someone you love has recently been diagnos...read more
Top 5 Home Health Care Myths Debunked, Honolulu, Hawaii
For many families, home health care can be a major source of relief. Despite the undeniable benefits of these services, myths and misconceptions still abound. Below, CareResource Haw...read more
4 Symptoms of Diabetes in Seniors, Honolulu, Hawaii
Type 2 diabetes results from abnormally high blood glucose levels, which can cause serious complications — especially in seniors. The home nurses at CareResource Hawai...read more
5 Early Signs of Dementia That Shouldn't Be Ignored, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dementia is a difficult disease to live with, and it impacts those who experience it as well as their family and friends. Unfortunately, signs can be difficult to detect. Here, ...read more
How Seniors Can Benefit from Speech Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you hear the term “speech therapy,” do you think of toddlers, young children, and those with developmental disabilities? Although such individuals certainly benefit from speech ...read more
Why Companionship Is So Important to the Elderly, Honolulu, Hawaii
Socialization is essential for everyone, but it’s especially vital for the elderly. As friends and family become less available, many seniors are prone to feelings of loneliness and ...read more
How to Talk to Older Relatives About Driving Safety, Honolulu, Hawaii
For many Americans, driving is the ultimate symbol of independence. But, as you age, getting behind the wheel can become more complicated — and risky. That’s why CareResource Ha...read more
In-Home Caregivers Explain How the Right Diet Helps Your Aging Loved Ones Thrive, Honolulu, Hawaii
It’s important to maintain a balanced diet at every stage of life. Since nutritional needs change over time, though, you should assess your health and diet periodically. If you take ...read more
Home Health Care Experts Explain the Sandwich Generation, Honolulu, Hawaii
Today, many adults are responsible for the health and well-being of dependents. Whether they care for their children, parents, or both, they tend to have a significant responsibility...read more
3 Top Tax Tips for Caregivers  , Honolulu, Hawaii
Taking care of your elderly, ill, or disabled loved one is immensely rewarding. At the same time, it can also be costly. If you serve as someone’s caregiver, you may want to learn ho...read more
Home Care Service Provides 5 Tips to Remember Your Medications, Honolulu, Hawaii
Aging and sickness are often accompanied by medications of different types and dosages, and it can be difficult keeping track of them all. CareResource Hawaii in Honolulu, ...read more
3 Key Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii
While physical therapy is effective for treating a broad range of conditions, certain circumstances may make it difficult for individuals to receive therapy at a treatment facility. ...read more
Home Health Care Guide to Coping With Caregiver Stress, Honolulu, Hawaii
When a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic illness or memory condition like dementia, it is normal to feel sadness, shock, and distress. Some families choose home health care&...read more
3 Steps to Creating a Respite Care Plan, Honolulu, Hawaii
Respite care is designated time off for the primary caregiver of a senior or special needs patient. Whether this be a break for lunch or vacation time, it is important for the mental...read more
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