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Eye Doctor Discusses Spring Allergies & Your Vision, Sycamore, Ohio
Springtime brings sunshine, warmer temperatures, and breezy weather, but it also can wreak havoc on your eyes. Eye doctors warn springtime allergies can have several impacts on your vision, from watering to itchy eyes. To find the best r...read more
5 Incredible Facts About the Human Eye  , Symmes, Ohio
Your eyes are the lenses through which you see the world. Although they’re small and fragile, they are incredibly complex organs that scientists have yet to fully comprehend. That’s why the friendly team of eye doctors from Harper’s Poin...read more
Kenwood, OH Eye Care Businesses
Wing Eyecare, Contact Lenses, Eye Care, Optometrists, Cincinnati, Ohio
8740 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Founded by eye doctor Philip A. Wing in 1914, Wing Eyecare offers prescription glasses, eyeglass frames, eye exams, and other eye care products and services to individuals throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. You will find t...
Harper's Point Eye Associates, Eye Doctors, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Eye Care, Cincinnati, Ohio
8211 Cornell Road, Suite 510
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Since 1976, Harper’s Point Eye Associates has been treating residents in the Cincinnati region for all their eye care needs. Whether you need an eye exam or are in the market for new glasses, contact lenses, or LASIK treatment, the team ...
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What Role Do Tears Play for the Eyes?, Sycamore, Ohio
Most of us probably only think about tears when we’re crying or expressing emotion. But according to eye doctors, our tears play a vital role in keeping our vision and eyes healthy. ...read more
5 Tips to Protect Your Vision While Playing Sports, Symmes, Ohio
Emergency visits to the eye doctor because of sports-related injuries are more common than you might think. With approximately 25,000 incidents recorded every year, the need to ...read more
What Are the Effects of Alcohol on Your Eye Health?, Sycamore, Ohio
The occasional glass of red wine might provide some health benefits due to the antioxidants, but drinking any kind of alcohol in excess can have both short and long-term consequences...read more
3 Tips to Keep Your Eyesight Sharp, Sycamore, Ohio
People tend to live in a visual world, as they commonly rely on their eyesight to take in and process information. Yet, many individuals take their eyes for granted and don’t keep th...read more
3 Reasons Why Online Eye Exams Are a Poor Replacement For an Eye Doctor, Sycamore, Ohio
Modern technology plays an important role in our day-to-day lives, from ordering take-out food to applying for jobs. In some situations, such as medical care, attempting to use techn...read more
5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Allergies, Symmes, Ohio
Ah, springtime—chirping baby birds, flowers in bloom, temperate weather—what’s not to love? But if you have allergies, spring is the beginning of your sniffling, itching&nb...read more
A Guide to Ocular Migraines, Sycamore, Ohio
An ocular migraine is characterized by brief bouts of blindness and strange visual symptoms, like a flashing sensation in one eye. Distinct from the stereotypical migraine heada...read more
Cincinnati Eye Doctors Share Their Top Tips on Preparing for Allergy Season, Sycamore, Ohio
As the weather warms up, it’s time to enjoy the spring season. Fresh flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and summer is right around the corner. It’s a beautiful time of year, b...read more
Eye Care Specialists Share 4 Bad Habits That Age Your Eyes, Symmes, Ohio
The eyes can be one of the first places that show age, and those annoying dark circles and bags will be worsened by certain habits. The good news is making some lifestyle a...read more
What Can an Eye Exam Tell You About Your Heart Health?, Sycamore, Ohio
The health of your eyes can often be an indicator of your overall well-being. For instance, symptoms of heart disease are sometimes present during a routine eye exam, and identifying...read more
What Eye Care Specialists Want You to Know About Eyelift Surgery, Symmes, Ohio
If you are self-conscious about signs of aging around your eyes, consider an eye care treatment called a blepharoplasty. This procedure, which is performed at your optometr...read more
Local Eye Doctor Offers 5 Tips for Proper Contact Lens Care & Safety, Sycamore, Ohio
Contact lenses are great for people who may not love wearing glasses, but they require a lot more maintenance and care. In fact, lack of proper care could actually have a negati...read more
How Eye Care & Sleep Quality Are Linked, Sycamore, Ohio
You already know a poor night’s sleep causes you to feel groggy, fatigued, and sluggish all day. In addition to impacting your coffee consumption, some research suggests sleep qualit...read more
Eye Doctor Reveals 3 Common Mistakes Made by Contact Lens Users, Sycamore, Ohio
Prescription contact lenses from an eye doctor provide a way for those with imperfect vision to see clearly again. In general, they are easy-to-use. However, some users are prone to ...read more
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