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What Is Fluoride?, Sanford, North Carolina
Your teeth are under constant stress, and over time, their protective mineral layers can break down. Eating the right foods, such as calcium-rich dairy, will refortify them, but sometimes, you need a helping hand. Fluoride is a common so...read more
Helpful Tips to Prevent Cavities , Sanford, North Carolina
Proper oral hygiene is important for helping people of all ages avoid dental problems. Cavities are one of the simplest and most common tooth issues anyone may encounter. With these tips, it’s easy to avoid them and to smile with confide...read more
Sanford, NC Teeth Whitening Businesses
J David Fisher Jr., DDS, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentists, Sanford, North Carolina
1808 Doctors Dr
Sanford, NC 27330
(919) 776-0741
Not everyone has a smile they’d deem as Hollywood or red carpet worthy, making them unwilling to smile to their fullest capabilities. While no one will force you to smile that way, it’s important to feel like you should if you want to, a...
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3 Common Myths About Root Canals, Sanford, North Carolina
Root canal treatment has a bad reputation. As such, it’s natural to worry about the upcoming procedure if you have a severely infected tooth. However, once you realize the follo...read more
3 Benefits of Teeth Whitening for the New Year, Sanford, North Carolina
For many people, the new year is a time for change and self-improvement. Getting a teeth whitening session can be an ideal way to resolve troublesome stains you picked up i...read more
3 Dentist Appointment Tips for Children With Autism, Sanford, North Carolina
Many children are apprehensive, or even fearful, about visiting the dentist. If your child has autism, though, you’ll likely need to provide some extra reassurance to create a p...read more
What You Should Know About Your Child’s Halitosis, Sanford, North Carolina
If your child has chronic bad breath, or halitosis, you may be concerned about their oral hygiene. Learning about the causes, prevention tips, and treatments for this condi...read more
Why Athletes Should Always Wear Mouthguards, Sanford, North Carolina
Whether purchasing equipment for your child’s peewee football team or your weekend dodgeball league, mouthguards are an essential part of any sports outfit. Wearing on...read more
3 Dentures Care Tips, Sanford, North Carolina
Dentures are a long-term investment, so be sure to keep them in good condition. Like all elements related to your oral health, they require regular, diligent care. Sticking...read more
How Does Sleep Apnea Affect Oral Health?, Sanford, North Carolina
Sleep apnea is a disorder in which an individual’s breathing starts and stops throughout the night. This can lead to snoring, a poor night’s rest, and other health issues such a...read more
4 FAQ About Dental X-Rays, Sanford, North Carolina
Dental x-rays are a routine part of regular visits to the dentist. X-rays help your dental team assess your oral health. The more you understand about dental x-rays, the more prepare...read more
Do’s & Don'ts of Dental Care During Pregnancy, Sanford, North Carolina
Your body will go through significant changes while pregnant, and almost every part will be affected—including your teeth. If you stick to the following oral hygiene g...read more
The 4 Best Foods for Your Teeth, Sanford, North Carolina
Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile can instill self-confidence and help you exude a great first impression. In addition to visiting your dentist every six months for a routi...read more
4 Ways to Help Ease Your Child's Fear of the Dentist, Sanford, North Carolina
Many children are afraid of going to the dentist. Often, their trepidation stems from a fear of the unknown, or concern over the pain and discomfort that may be lurkin...read more
4 FAQ About CEREC® Dentistry, Sanford, North Carolina
Dental crowns are common solutions for restoring the size, shape, and appearance of a tooth that’s cracked, worn down from decay, or otherwise weakened. Traditionally, this procedure...read more
Tips on Improving Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist, Sanford, North Carolina
Many kids are fearful of going to the dentist, especially if it’s their first visit. If so, parents must take steps to alleviate this anxiety and establish the importance o...read more
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