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4 FAQ About Dental Sealants for Children, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly are the best ways to prevent cavities in children. Yet, there are also extra steps you can take to protect your kids’ oral health. In particular, dental sealants may help to reduce more
How Gum Disease Affects Your Overall Health, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
If your dentist tells you they’re concerned about your gum disease risk, you should listen. Periodontal disease affects more than just your teeth and gums; it could put your general well-being at risk. The guide below explains some of more
Keller, TX General Dentistry Businesses
Tri-Cities Dental, Cosmetic Dentist, General Dentistry, Family Dentists, Colleyville, Texas
3930 Glade Rd, # 115
Colleyville, TX 76034
(817) 283-3427
As one of the first things people notice about you, having a smile you’re proud to show off is crucial to building self-confidence and leaving the lasting first impression you want. With over 25 years of combined experience, the qualifie...
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4 Essential FAQ About Tooth Extractions, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
When performed by a quality dentist, a tooth extraction is a relatively simple procedure that improves your quality of life. However, since it is surgery, it’s normal more
Fixed or Removable Dentures: Which Should You Choose?, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
People find themselves needing dentures for all kinds of reasons—you may have experienced severe tooth decay, lost some teeth in an accident, or had an infection. Whatever the more
The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings From a Dentist, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Even if you have a perfect brushing technique and always remember to floss, your teeth can still accumulate plaque and tartar in various hard-to-reach places. As such, professional more
How to Maintain an Instagram®-Worthy Smile, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Sharing snapshots of your day on social media is a fun, visual way to stay in touch with friends and family. However, with that, comes a desire to look our best for more
4 Foods & Drinks That Whiten Teeth Naturally, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Having a bright, white smile can instill self-confidence and help you make an excellent first impression. The best way to keep your teeth pearly white is by visiting your dentist more
Why Should You Visit the Dentist When You're Pregnant?, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
During pregnancy, some patients avoid going to see their dentist due to concerns about dental X-rays harming the baby. However, avoiding oral care is counterproductive and can more
Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Root Canals, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
When a dentist suggests a root canal to remedy tooth trauma or decay, most patients experience some trepidation. In reality, root canals are no more painful or stressful than other more
3 Conditions That Qualify As Dental Emergencies, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Dental emergencies need immediate attention from a skilled dentist. However, in the moment, it may be hard to know what is serious and what is not. The guide below explores more
When to Get Porcelain Veneers, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Having even, white teeth can boost self-confidence and make a lasting first impression. That’s why dentists often specialize in cosmetic procedures as well as general dentistry more
5 Ways to Improve Your Oral Health in the New Year, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Hopefully, thinking about all the possibilities the new year has to offer gives you a lot to smile about. However, you'll probably feel more confident about showing off those more
Important Teeth Whitening Do's and Don’ts, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
If you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth, teeth whitening can help give you a smile you’re proud to show off. While the process is generally safe, there are more
4 FAQ About Wisdom Tooth Extractions, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Even the most careful dental patient can feel apprehensive about wisdom tooth extractions. Fortunately, advances in general dentistry have made the procedure faster and easier. more
The Do's & Don'ts of Recovery After Scaling & Root Planing, Northeast Tarrant, Texas
If you experience a severe infection or advanced periodontal disease, your dentist will likely recommend scaling and root planing as the solution. This process removes plaque, more
Colleyville Dentists Explain Dental Scaling & Root Planing , Northeast Tarrant, Texas
Along with a daily oral health care regimen, you should visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup and teeth cleaning, in addition to annual X-rays. But if you have gum more
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