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A Guide to Tooth Sensitivity , Webster, New York
Do your teeth hurt when exposed to certain stimuli like cold air, alcohol-based mouth rinses, or hot or cold foods and drinks? If so, you may have sensitive teeth. This common dental condition can even make brushing and flossing painful, more
5 Different Types of Toothpaste, Webster, New York
When your dentist recommends brushing twice a day with a quality toothpaste, you might wonder what they mean. With so many varieties on the market, it can be confusing to find the right product for your oral health needs. Here' more
Rochester, NY General Dentistry Businesses
Katz Family Dentistry, P.C., General Dentistry, Family Dentists, Dentists, Webster, New York
629 Ridge Rd
Webster, NY 14580
Katz Family Dentistry is the dentistry practice for the whole family. With more than 30 years in the business, they’re industry experts when it comes to top-quality dental and oral hygiene services. Whether you need a regular teeth clean...
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How Does Medication Impact Your Teeth?, Webster, New York
If you’re noticing tooth decay or sensitive gums but stay on top of your oral hygiene, the medication you’re taking may be to blame. Luckily, your family dentist can help you find a more
Why Are My Gums Inflamed? , Webster, New York
Many people first realize their gums are swollen when they bite into their  favorite foods and experience minor discomfort. Tender gum tissue can have numerous causes. more
COVID-19 Precautions at Katz Family Dentistry, Webster, New York
Due to the Covid-19 virus, we at Katz Family Dentistry, have been putting in place extra precautions to help ensure the safety of your family and our staff. We pride ourselves on more
What to Do When You Chip a Tooth, Webster, New York
Teeth are designed to hold up under extreme stress. They aren’t unbreakable, however. Chipping a tooth can happen quickly, and depending on the severity, it can leave you in a more
What Does Mouthwash Do for My Oral Health?, Webster, New York
When paired with daily brushing and flossing, mouthwash completes a proper dental home care routine. Some are for cosmetic purposes only, while others feature antiseptic more
Signs You Need a Root Canal, Webster, New York
Living with dental pain can be unsettling and incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you think you may need a root canal. While the thought of endodontic treatment can be more
3 Signs You Might Have a Cavity , Webster, New York
A cavity is a small hole that forms in the tough protective enamel coating of your teeth. This occurs when bacteria in your mouth produce acids, wearing down the enamel more
How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist, Webster, New York
As a parent, you likely understand how important it is for your child to have regular appointments with the dentist. However, this can be difficult if the experience more
Your Guide to Dental Fluorosis , Webster, New York
Your children’s dental health affects their overall health, so when something is wrong with their teeth, it can be a cause for concern. Dental fluorosis is a condition that can seem more
The Do's & Don'ts of Caring for Your Dentures, Webster, New York
Dentures are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to replace missing teeth. Dentures can better facilitate your chewing and restore your smile to its former glory. more
5 Ways to Keep Wine From Staining Your Teeth, Webster, New York
Nothing ruins the experience of enjoying a nice glass of cabernet or pinot noir than realizing that your teeth have been stained a deep purple color. Schedule a routine teeth more
A Guide to Dental Crowns, Webster, New York
Tooth decay is a common problem that can lead to serious oral hygiene issues. Broken, discolored, or deteriorated teeth need heavy care to prevent them from getting worse. more
 3 Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Breakfast, Webster, New York
A healthy breakfast sets the tone for your day and can impact what you eat going forward. It’s crucial that you eat well not only to prevent decay but also to fortify teeth. more
3 Unique Alternatives to Dental Floss, Webster, New York
Dentists recommend flossing every time you brush your teeth or at least once a day. However, there's no getting around the fact that flossing can quickly become tedious work. more
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