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Is Medical Massage Therapy Covered by Worker’s Comp?, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Businesses are required by law to provide worker’s compensation coverage to their employees to cover medical bills, lost income, and rehabilitation costs incurred due to injuries sustained on the job. While most people expect their more
How Massage Therapy Can Help With Rotator Cuff Pain, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Your rotator cuff is formed by four muscles as well as tendons and ligaments that surround the bones of your humerus and clavicle. Unfortunately, repetitive motions, aging, poor posture, and muscle strains can damage this crucial more
Lithonia, GA Pain Management Businesses
The Miracle of Massage, Inc., Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Massage Therapy, Stone Mountain, Georgia
2045 Rockbridge Road SW, Suite 205
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(678) 883-2873
Millions of people experience chronic back pain, sometimes as a result of car accidents or trauma or  other conditions. Sciatica, lower back pain and neck pain can be debilitating when experienced on a regular basis, and yet, help s...
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Best FREE Bra Fitting For Women, Especially Full Breasted Women In Stone Mountain and Gwinnett, Stone Mountain, Georgia
It’s no secret that over 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra! An improperly fitted bra can cause a range of injuries including neck, shoulder, more
Your Guide to Medical Massage Therapy & Workers' Compensation, Stone Mountain, Georgia
As a primary care physician, it’s your responsibility to ensure your patient receives the most effective care, and for soft-tissue and ongoing injuries, medical massage therapy is a more
#1 Pain Management Massage Therapy for Workers' Compensation in Atlanta and Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Most people think all Massage is the same and are disappointed when they do not receive their expected benefits from their massage. Many have no idea that massage can be used more
Why You Should See More than One Type of Doctor After a Work Injury, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Getting hurt on the job can result not only in the related injuries but also missed work hours if one type of care isn’t helping you heal. While a physician or specialist may more
Medical Massage Therapy as an Alternative to Opioids, Stone Mountain, Georgia
No one should have to live with chronic pain. However, you also don’t want to become dependent on the prescription drugs of modern medicine—such as opioids—to stay comfortable. more
#1 Opioid Free, Chronic Back and Shoulder Pain Relief Massage in Stone Mountain and Gwinnett, Stone Mountain, Georgia
I decided to try pain therapy massage with Brian as a referral from my daughter. I have been experiencing right lower back pain for years and left shoulder pain for awhile. I was more
Top 5 Warning Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that continues to become more prevalent today as computer use is further integrated into daily life. Repetitive hand motions, such as typing on more
4 Simple Lifestyle Tips for Minimizing Back Pain, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Chronic back pain can be frustrating, and it may often seem like there’s little you can do to alleviate it. Luckily, there are several simple techniques you can implement more
CUPPING $49 - Limited Time Offer - Stone Mountain, Gwinnett, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Cupping Reduces cellulite Encourages blood flow Loosens stiff muscles Sedates the nervous system Relieves chronic pain, back and neck pain Relieves more
#1 Cupping and Massage Cupping Therapy in Stone Mountain and Gwinnett, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Static Cupping, Massage Cupping or Medi-cupping all use suction cups to create a vacuum, suction, also referred to as negative pressure, which when applied  to the body can more
#1 Best Massage Therapy in Stone Mountain & Gwinnett, Stone Mountain, Georgia
I slept the wrong way one night and did some serious damage to my neck and trapezoid area muscles. After about 6 weeks of suffering I finally gave in and did a search thru my more
3 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain, Stone Mountain, Georgia
If you experience shoulder pain, you know how much it can interfere with your day-to-day life. Before scheduling an appointment with your massage therapist, it’s helpful to try to more
#1 Accident Injury and Whiplash Therapy in Stone Mountain and Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Sciatica Relief is Here in Stone Mountain, GA, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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