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3 Auto Accident Injuries With a Delayed Onset, Sheffield, Ohio
In the aftermath of an auto accident, it's not uncommon for adrenaline to surge. As a result, you may not immediately realize the extent of your injuries. On top of that, some injuries don't show symptoms until the hours or days more
How Physical Therapy Can Help You at Your Desk Job, Sheffield, Ohio
When you work in an office where you have convenient access to a desk, you may find yourself sitting more frequently than you might like. Over time, you may even develop back or neck pain, which can take a toll on your daily life. more
Avon Lake, OH Pain Management Businesses
Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Pain Management, Sheffield, Ohio
5445 Detroit Rd
Sheffield, OH 44054
(440) 240-9111
Where drug treatments and surgeries are deemed the first option for healing, Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center finds the root of your discomfort before opting for expensive and invasive procedures. Based in Sheffield ...
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Why Runners Experience Neck & Back Pain, Sheffield, Ohio
Running is a popular sport that brings people together and pushes their limits. It could be for personal improvement or to raise funds for a local organization. However, the more
A Guide to Kinesiology Taping, Sheffield, Ohio
Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tool used for pain management in athletes and others that need physical therapy. It was first developed to support the body without restricting more
How Can a Chiropractor Help With Knee Pain?, Sheffield, Ohio
Whether you’ve endured a recent injury or have a medical condition, like arthritis, you’ve likely wondered about the best methods for knee pain management. With regular visits more
What Is Ultrasound Therapy?, Sheffield, Ohio
Ultrasound technology isn’t just a useful tool for monitoring pregnancy. It can also be used as a therapeutic method of treating chronic pain without the need for invasive more
How to Protect Your Children From Sports Injuries, Sheffield, Ohio
As a parent, you want your children to stay active and enjoy the fun and camaraderie that comes with playing sports. That being said, it’s natural to want to protect them from more
3 Exercises for Text Neck, Sheffield, Ohio
Text neck is a musculoskeletal condition caused by the awkward positioning of the head and neck when a person texts or is otherwise absorbed in their handheld electronic device. more
4 Ways Nutritional Counseling Can Benefit You, Sheffield, Ohio
Along with the other helpful services offered by rehabilitation centers, many also provide nutritional counseling. A nutritional counselor can assess your current diet and make more
3 Posture Tips to Reduce Neck & Back Pain, Sheffield, Ohio
One of the biggest, most common sources of neck and back pain is bad posture. Posture is the stance your body takes to hold you up while sitting, standing, or lying down. If you are more
How Chiropractic Care Helps With Headaches, Sheffield, Ohio
Chiropractic care, or spinal manipulations geared toward promoting alignment within your body, is a common noninvasive treatment used on patients in need of chronic pain management. more
Managing Neck & Back Pain on Long Flights, Sheffield, Ohio
It's no secret that airplane seats are not exactly designed for comfort, and that often means the body is forced into uncomfortable and unsupported positions. On a short trip, it more
FAQ About Fibromyalgia, Sheffield, Ohio
Fibromyalgia (FM) is a condition characterized by intensified pain sensations because of an anomaly in how the brain processes stimuli. For those with FM, pain more
The Do’s & Don'ts for Preventing Tech Neck, Sheffield, Ohio
"Tech neck" is the act of overtaxing muscles while using smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It can result in significant neck and back pain, and with Americans more
3 Sports Injuries That Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor, Sheffield, Ohio
If you suffer from chronic pain after a sports injury, finding the right treatment is crucial. Pain and stiffness are not only uncomfortable, but they can also affect your more
4 Common Injuries a Car Accident Chiropractor Will Treat, Sheffield, Ohio
Whether you’ve been in a minor car accident or a serious one, the aftermath on your body can be painful. A car accident chiropractor can relieve your pain and help your body heal more
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