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3 Tips for Staying Active With Arthritis, Canyon Lake, Texas
If you have arthritis, remaining physically active can help with pain relief and improve your overall quality of life. However, it’s important to stick with low-impact activities that aren’t hard on your joints and won’t put your body more
4 Ways Athletes Can Prevent Injuries, Canyon Lake, Texas
Succeeding in a sport or athletic competition isn’t just about training consistently. You also need to avoid injury so that you can stay on the field instead of spending your days in an injury rehabilitation program. It might not more
New Braunfels, TX Pain Management Businesses
Physical Therapy Unlimited, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Physical Therapists, Canyon Lake, Texas
1356 Farm to Market Road 2673
Canyon Lake, TX 78133
(830) 907-2145
Returning to your everyday tasks and activities after an injury or medical emergency can be an overwhelming and difficult experience. At Physical Therapy Unlimited in Canyon Lake, TX, their staff of highly-trained physical therapists is ...
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How to Make Working From Home More Comfortable, Canyon Lake, Texas
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many adults are now having to work from home.  This is presenting challenges for those of us that are not used to sitting at home in front of a more
How to Make the Most of a Physical Therapy Appointment, Canyon Lake, Texas
Physical therapy helps you retrain your body and become stronger to recover from an illness or injury. However, many people who attend appointments aren’t quite sure how more
How Physical Therapy Can Improve Balance, Canyon Lake, Texas
A good sense of balance is essential for maintaining a steady, upright position while sitting, standing, and navigating everyday motions. If your balance is impaired, you’re more more
Common Causes of Neck Pain & Tips for Prevention, Canyon Lake, Texas
Although neck pain can stem from osteoarthritis or injuries like whiplash from an auto accident, more often everyday activities and poor postural habits are more more
A Guide to Runner’s Knee, Canyon Lake, Texas
Running and distance walking are some of the most accessible ways to stay in shape. However, either can take a toll on your body. Runner’s knee  (also known as more
3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit People With Rotator Cuff Tears, Canyon Lake, Texas
If you’re struggling with shoulder pain, you might have a torn rotator cuff.  This injury occurs when the tendons and tissues surrounding the shoulder joint are damaged. It more
4 Reasons to Do Physical Therapy After Joint Replacement Surgery, Canyon Lake, Texas
People who have experienced trauma or have significant osteoarthritis may undergo surgery to replace problematic joints. Surgeons often recommend that these patients attend more
3 Ways to Reduce Neck & Back Pain at Work, Canyon Lake, Texas
Neck and back pain contributes to over 264 million lost workdays per year. While more common in manual labor roles, office workers are also likely to experience more
3 Reasons Women Are More Prone to ACL Injuries , Canyon Lake, Texas
The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, plays a critical role in stabilizing the knee joint. It can be injured during sports requiring abrupt stops and directional changes, more
What Causes Winter Back Pain?, Canyon Lake, Texas
For some individuals, winter’s colder temperatures and frigid winds can lead to more muscle aches and tension.  Even in this south Texas climate, the damp and chilly weather more
4 Tips for Traveling With Back Pain, Canyon Lake, Texas
The holidays are right around the corner, which means long car rides or flights ahead for gatherings with loved ones. While the holidays are a time for celebration, it can be more
When Should You See a Physical Therapist?, Canyon Lake, Texas
Physical therapists specialize in maintaining or restoring flexibility, mobility, and strength. After studying human movement, they learn how to diagnose and treat issues that more
How Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis?, Canyon Lake, Texas
If you have been solely relying on medication to help ease arthritis pain, you may be missing out on some of the most effective treatments available. Physical therapy has been shown more
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