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Nebraska Pain Management

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Nebraska Pain Management Businesses
Cornhusker Chiropractic PC, Pain Management, Chiropractors, Chiropractor, Lincoln, Nebraska
2949 N 27th St #201
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 466-1288
Are you or a loved one suffering from neck, shoulder, or back pain? Cornhusker Chiropractic, PC in Lincoln, NE, is a family friendly practice dedicated to providing clients of all ages with comfortable, affordable access to quality healt...
Hastings Family Chiropractic, P.C., Pain Management, Chiropractors, Chiropractor, Hastings, Nebraska
321 N Burlington Ave
Hastings, NE 68901
(402) 463-1955
Aches and pains can take a toll on your body and overall well-being. At Hastings Family Chiropractic in Nebraska, Dr. Troy Wilson performs chiropractic adjustments to help alleviate those symptoms while getting to the root cause of the i...
Lincoln Chiropractic Center, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Lincoln, Nebraska
3830 Adams St.
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 464-5567
Whether you’ve experienced chronic back pain for years or were in a recent car accident, Lincoln Chiropractic Center, in Lincoln, NE, is your answer to living a pain-free life. Led by DC Peter Wawers, the friendly team at Lincoln Chiropr...
Trigger Point Myotherapy, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Lincoln, Nebraska
8540 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 200 Office 105
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 228-8955
If you’re struggling with recurring pain or headaches, you might be experiencing referred pain caused by an irritated trigger point, which is a spot in the tissue surrounding and within the muscle. Trigger Point Myotherapy in Lincol...
3 Professions That Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care, Hastings, Nebraska
Chiropractic care offers benefits for people from all walks of life. Whether a career involves sitting at a desk all day or standing for hours, repetitive motion can lead to more
What Is Scoliosis?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Scoliosis causes the spine to curve to one side, either in a C- or S-shape. It often appears in children or infants. If your child is experiencing scoliosis symptoms, they might more
3 Sleep Positions for Preventing Back Pain, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’ve been trying to relieve your back pain symptoms, try adjusting how you sleep. Your body’s position throughout the night can cause unwanted strain on your spine, more
3 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Electrotherapy, Hastings, Nebraska
Chronic neck and back pain can make daily life difficult. A chiropractor might use electrotherapy to mitigate your symptoms and restore your quality of life. They’ll place more
How Infants Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
Chiropractors treat people of all ages. Your infant can benefit from chiropractic care just as much as you can. If you want a healthier and more comfortable life for your more
4 Tips to Reduce Back Pain While Driving, Lincoln, Nebraska
Long drives can put a lot of strain on your body and are a common trigger for back pain. This discomfort can last long after you exit your car, so you should try to prevent it more
What Is Ultrasound Therapy?, Hastings, Nebraska
When most people think of ultrasound, they picture it being used during prenatal examinations. Although it’s an indispensable diagnostic instrument, ultrasound therapy is also a more
A Guide to the Importance of Teenage Chiropractic Care, Hastings, Nebraska
When you think of chiropractic care patients, you may think of middle-aged or older individuals who are suffering from back pain or injury. However, growing teenagers can also more
3 Tips for Preventing Discomfort While Working From Home, Lincoln, Nebraska
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have had to work from home to prevent the spread of the illness. While you might enjoy the convenience of getting paid in your more
What Is a Herniated Disk?, Lincoln, Nebraska
A herniated disk, also known as a ruptured or slipped disk, is an injury to the spongy tissue that cushions the bones in the spine. The injury may appear in the neck or back — more
3 Signs Your New Remote Work Requires a Trip to the Chiropractor, Hastings, Nebraska
With much of the country under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have issued work-at-home orders for employees. While the flexibility is welcomed by many,& more
Stress in 2020, Lincoln, Nebraska
The year 2020 has caused many challenges for all of us.  Dealing with adverse weather conditions, a world-wide pandemic, social and economical changes just to mention a few more
How a Chiropractor Can Treat Peripheral Neuropathy , Lincoln, Nebraska
Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which peripheral nerves, which carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord, are damaged or diseased due to an injury, infection, more
4 Tips to Prevent Neck & Back Pain While Traveling, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether by land or air, travel can take a toll on your body. Cramped sitting arrangements and poor posture can cause neck and back pain during transit. Taking preventive more
A Guide to Electroacupuncture, Hastings, Nebraska
If you’re looking for new pain management solutions, electroacupuncture should be on your radar. This treatment has some similarities to traditional Chinese acupuncture, which many more
4 FAQ About Your Immune System & Chiropractic Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
Improving your immune system is an important factor of living a long and healthy life. Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, consider attending chiropractor more