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5 Ways Vitamin IV Infusions May Enhance Your Health, Honolulu, Hawaii
When your body doesn’t have enough of the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy, vitamin infusions are a safe and powerful way to replenish cells and promote wellness. But what is it about this procedure that is so effective ...read more
What Is SculpSure?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most people would love to have a flatter stomach. While diet and exercise are key to maintaining a fit figure, sometimes, a little extra help is all it takes to get the flat, toned stomach you’ve envisioned. In this case, the alternative...read more
Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, HI Holistic & Alternative Care Businesses
Amita Holistic Spa, Health & Wellness Centers, Holistic & Alternative Care, Massage Therapy, Kapolei, Hawaii
563 Farrington Hwy, #202
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 693-8882
Some days are just made to be busy, chaotic, and full of challenges; fortunately, other days are meant to be tranquil, calm, and full of ease. There’s no better way to turn an active day into a restful, peaceful one than by scheduling a ...
Holistic Medical Center Inc, Pain Management, Alternative Medicine, Holistic & Alternative Care, Honolulu, Hawaii
50 S Beretania St., Ste C119A
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 339-3115
Are you tired of using medication as a way to manage your health? Are you now searching for a way to restore your body’s rhythm naturally? Then, holistic medicine might be the answer. Holistic Medical Center in Honolulu, HI, us...
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What Is a Lomi Lomi Massage? Amita Holistic Spa Explains, Ewa, Hawaii
When it comes to massage therapy, the options seem endless. Some massage techniques go back hundreds of years, while others are based on more recently developed techniques. Amita Hol...read more
Let's join The Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation !, Ewa, Hawaii
July 7, 2016 6:00PM - July 7, 2016 7:30PM
We are so excited to invite you to join the magical Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation. Deepen your spiritual reconnection through a sacred mantra meditation, pranayama (breathing t...read more
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5 Health Benefits of Aromatherapy, Ewa, Hawaii
Aromatherapy is a wonderful form of alternative healing that involves patients inhaling the essential oils from plants to help with a variety of health conditions and to help improve...read more
What to Expect During a Therapeutic Massage, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’re a planner by nature, you would probably like to know exactly what to expect from a new experience before you dive in. The holistic massage therapy professionals from Amita ...read more
Kapolei’s Holistic Healers Help Patients Find Relief With Massage Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’re in need of a healing touch, turn to the talented massage therapists at Amita Holistic Spa. This Kapolei, HI, alternative healing center is perfect for those looking to reli...read more
Ohana Hours, Ewa, Hawaii
OHANA HOURS20% off when you book any of our massage services for 2 or more people from:Monday - Friday11am- 4pmVisit our website at www.amitaholisticspa.com or give us a call at...read more
​The Natural Benefits of Massage From Amita Holistic Spa in Kapolei, Ewa, Hawaii
One of the most popular forms of alternative healing is massage. Massage therapy has been practiced all the way back to the eras of ancient Egypt and early Greece. Amita Holisti...read more
Massage as Medicine: How You Can Reach Your Health Goals With Massage Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
In recent years, massage therapy has claimed its rightful spot alongside more traditional treatments in the Western world of medicine. Alternative healing is now viewed as a viable a...read more
Special for Valentine's day $120 for 1hr a couple massage , Ewa, Hawaii
Let's get a couple massage at Amita Holistic Spa, Sacred Healing Sanctuary where you relax your mind, revive your body and rejuvenate your soul.Special 1 hour a couple massage for $1...read more
Find Restoration in Kapolei Through Holistic Massage Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
Healers all around the world are trying new methods of targeting the mind as well as the body when sickness or pain arises. Holistic massage therapy is just one form of alternative h...read more
Holistic Massage Therapy Awaits at Amita Holistic Spa, Ewa, Hawaii
Life is full of stressful events, from increasingly busy work schedules to family commitments and social engagements. Sometimes, it becomes crucial to find ways to eliminate your str...read more
Happy Thanksgiving ! , Ewa, Hawaii
Dear our high value customers,We would like to thank you all for being support Amita Holistic Spa.We so appreciate it and feel so blessed. We promise that we will continue to serve y...read more
Experience Spiritual Healing With a Lomi Lomi Massage at Amita Holistic Spa, Ewa, Hawaii
Stress is a natural part of life that everyone finds their own way to cope with. Exercise works for some people and meditation is a great option for others, but massage therapy is a ...read more
Why You Need Water After a Massage at Amita Holistic Spa, Ewa, Hawaii
When it comes to alternative healing, almost nothing works better than massage therapy. When your day is chaotic, busy, and stressful, one of the best ways to breathe new life into y...read more
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