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How Are Short Ribs Different From Back Beef Ribs?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue or an upcoming celebration, ribs make excellent party fare. One of the best ways to get quality meat is to visit your local butcher, but before you go, make sure you know what to ask for. more
4 Essential Tips for Cooking Steak, Honolulu, Hawaii
Preparing a perfect steak in the comfort of your own home is something of a fine art. Like any culinary skill, it takes a bit of practice. Here are four tips to help you cook up the perfect steak every time. How to Prepare a Delicious more
Honolulu, HI Delicatessens Businesses
The Butcher & Bird, Delicatessens, Sandwich Shops, Meat & Butcher Shops, Honolulu, Hawaii
324 Coral St., Ste 207
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 762-8095
What’s better than homemade sausage? High quality homemade sausage at prices you can afford. Butcher & Bird is Hawaii’s one-stop-shop for premium and affordable meats. Based out of Honolulu, this full service butcher shop offers a la...
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How Long Do Meats Stay Fresh?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’re saving meat for a special occasion or simply forgot it was in your fridge, you may be wondering how long it can be stored. Refrigeration and freezing stem more
5 Must-Have Items to Feature on a Charcuterie Board , Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’re entertaining guests or looking for a snack to munch on, a well-designed charcuterie board will tantalize the taste buds. While there is lots of room for more
4 Classic Sandwich Deli Meats, Honolulu, Hawaii
There are few meals as versatile or as satisfying than a specialty sandwich made with high-quality deli meats. They’re great for short lunch breaks as well as weekend dinners with more
A Look into the History of Butcher Shops, Honolulu, Hawaii
From chops for family dinner to burgers for grilling outdoors, many people visit butcher shops for high-quality cuts of meat. The businesses have a rich history that spans all more
How to Prepare These 3 Different Cuts of Pork, Honolulu, Hawaii
Next time you head to your local butcher to pick up some pork, consider trying something new. If you always go for the pork chops, why not try a brand-new recipe with pork shoulder? more
3 Scrumptious Sausages to Try at Butcher & Bird , Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’re headed out on lunch break or have a free weekend to spend with friends, you may want to stop by Butcher & Bird for a delicious sausage. The Honolulu, HI, favorite more
4 Questions to Ask a Butcher for Better Cuts of Meat, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you visit your local butcher’s market regularly, you may be wondering what to ask about the meats you purchase. Your local butcher has a wealth of information to share with more
A Guide to Understanding Rare, Medium & Well-Done Meats, Honolulu, Hawaii
It’s important to understand how heat affects meats to create the flavors and textures that you’re looking for. Sourcing your cuts from a high-quality butcher is crucial, but more
3 Great Meats to Eat While on a Diet , Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy, or increase heart health, a change in diet may be necessary to reach your goals. If you’re on a diet or planning to start one, you more
What Is the Charcuterie Process for Curing Meats?, Honolulu, Hawaii
With the holidays coming up, you’re sure to attend at least one party where a charcuterie board is passed around. While this term is often used to describe a varied offering of more
5 Butcher Terms You Should Know for a Perfect Order, Honolulu, Hawaii
When placing an order at a butcher shop, it helps to know the terminology they use most often so you can communicate what you want clearly. This doesn’t require you to take on more
Understanding the Different Cuts of Meats, Honolulu, Hawaii
To create delicious meals for your family, it’s important to ensure you’re always working with the perfect ingredients. And even though various cuts of meat may come from the same more
3 Benefits of a Full-Service Butcher Over a Supermarket, Honolulu, Hawaii
For those who value high-quality meats, going to the grocery store just won’t cut it. Instead, heading to your local butcher will yield a much better experience during both shopping more
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