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Oahu, HI Dairy & Cheese Shops Businesses
Surfing Goat Dairy, Tours, Gifts and Novelties, Dairy & Cheese Shops, Kula, Hawaii
3651 Omaopio Rd
Kula, HI 96790
(808) 878-2870
Discover the delicious taste of all-natural goat cheese when you make a trip to Surfing Goat Dairy. Located in Kula, HI, this family-owned goat farm has sold award-winning cheeses, truffles, soaps, and more since 1999. You can even take ...
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25% off for Kama'aina, ,
Deal extended!! Get 25% off all cheeses at Surfing Goat Dairy. Just show your Hawaiian driver license to our sales ladies in the shop. read more
Feta Deal, ,
Now you can get a 10 oz. glass jar of the award winning Feta for the price of the 6 oz. glass jar! read more
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