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Boba Cha Offers The Best Tea Selection in Cincinnati , Cincinnati, Ohio
It's easy to fall into routine with the foods and drinks we choose. But if you're looking to shake up your tea selection and finally try something new, stop by Boba Cha for a huge variety of bubble tea, herbal teas, and soy mil...read more
What is Bubble Tea? Come to Boba Cha For The Best Bubble Tea, Cincinnati, Ohio
Residents of Cincinnati, Ohio! Are you looking for a delicious, delightful new beverage? Then come to Boba Cha at 1606 Main Street and select from the tremendous list of the best bubble teas and best herbal teas in Cincinnati.So, wh...read more
Cincinnati, OH Tea Rooms Businesses
Boba Cha, Tea Rooms, Coffee Shop, Smoothie & Juice Bars, Cincinnati, Ohio
1606 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 421-9111
Looking for a refreshing, uncommon, and wholly delicious treat in Cincinnati? Come to Boba Cha! Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Japanese beverage or you’re newly jumping aboard the bubble tea craze, you’ll find a fresh brewed ...
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Drink to Your Health With Boba Cha’s Fresh Brewed Tea, Cincinnati, Ohio
Looking for something to sip that will give you an energy and wellness boost? Skip the chemical-laden sodas and calorie-packed coffee beverages for a healthy, hydrating, and wholesom...read more
Boba Cha Offers The Best Bubble Tea For Every Occasion, Cincinnati, Ohio
Boba Cha has been serving the best bubble tea and other yummy drinks to the Cincinnati area since 2008 and offers an array of beverages ideal for a variety of occasions. Le...read more
Boba Cha Introduces K-Cups For Your Home Coffee Brewer System, Cincinnati, Ohio
Make your morning a little brighter with Boba Cha, the best bubble tea in Cincinnati. Now you can whip up some of their exciting flavors in the comfort of your own kitchen. Boba...read more
Fall Isn’t Just About Pumpkin Spice: Try These New Fall Boba Tea Flavors!, Cincinnati, Ohio
While America is going crazy over the infamous pumpkin spice latte, it's time you stepped away from the pack. Little did you know, you're missing out on one of the most flavorful bev...read more
Get Two Bubble Teas For Only $5 at Boba Cha During Second Sundays on Main, Cincinnati, Ohio
Live in Cincinnati and love bubble tea? Then you are in luck! Boba Cha is offering a fantastic deal for tea lovers this October at the Second Sunday on Main monthly event. Norma...read more
Find Out What Bubble Tea Really is at Boba Cha!, Cincinnati, Ohio
What is bubble tea? These delicious tea-based drinks trace their roots back to 1980's Taiwan but have recently become an international phenomenon. Now you can find shops, like Boba C...read more
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