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FAQ About Antioxidants, Honolulu, Hawaii
As healthy eating continues to become a primary focus in households across the world, it’s common to hear about antioxidants and the importance of incorporating them into your diet. They’re readily available in a number of foods and anti...read more
3 Reasons to Schedule Water Delivery for the Holidays, Ewa, Hawaii
With the holidays on the horizon, your to-do list will soon include tasks like baking festive treats and shopping for the perfect present. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year, don’t forget to customize your water deliv...read more
Oahu, HI Drinking Water Businesses
Menehune Water Company Inc, Water Transportation, Water Purifiers, Drinking Water, Aiea, Hawaii
99-1205 Halawa Valley St.
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-7777
Water is essential to survival, but not all water tastes the same. As the largest bottled water company in Hawaii, Menehune Water Company offers access to pristine products and exceptional service. Residential and commercial clients...
Hano Naka Inc, Water Purification Supplies, Drinking Water, Water Purifiers, Honolulu, Hawaii
1245 Young St, Ste 102
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 596-2555
Do you want better tasting water in your home or office? Improve the overall taste and benefits of your water with a cutting-edge water filtration system from Hano Naka Inc. Their Japanese-crafted design offers residential and commercial...
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3 Reasons to Give the Gift of Water This Holiday Season, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’re thinking about gifts for the holiday season, add purified water to the list. While it isn’t a traditional present, there are several benefits to providing your loved ones w...read more
3 Ways Drinking Filtered Water Keeps You Healthy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Supplied by various sources, drinking water can sometimes acquire contaminants that contribute to short and long-term illnesses. That’s why it’s necessary to install a wate...read more
3 Reasons Why Bottled Water May Be Bad for Your Health, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most people are familiar with the environmental problems that plastic bottled water creates. Besides being harmful for the planet, bottled water can pose potential health risks. That...read more
We are pleased to announce ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION NOW AVAILABLE! www.menehunewater.com read more
3 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Drink More Water, Ewa, Hawaii
Most people know how important it is to stay hydrated, but it can be challenging to consume the recommended amount of water each day. This is especially true for people who spend mos...read more
A Healthy Guide to Drinking Water, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most people understand that drinking water is a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, it isn’t uncommon to be unaware of how much you should have every day. The follo...read more
5 Reasons to Drink Plenty of Water, Honolulu, Hawaii
Proper hydration plays an integral role in your overall health and wellness. Drinking water over the course of a day will make you less likely to develop potentially serious ill...read more
3 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water, Honolulu, Hawaii
The typical glass of water is neutral on the pH scale, meaning it has a pH of 7. There are various ways to treat water, so that it becomes more acidic or alkaline. Alkaline wate...read more
Hurricane Season Is Here! Stock Up Now, Ewa, Hawaii
Are You Prepared? Thank you for being a valued customer of Menehune Water. Hurricane Season is upon us, June 1 to November 30, 2019. In the past, Menehune Water has experienced a ...read more
How Antioxidant Water Improved This Family’s Dental Health, Honolulu, Hawaii
There are several benefits of antioxidants, including improved heart health, a reduced risk of cancer risk, and healthier skin. Antioxidants also support you...read more
Save 10% on Home Water Systems When You Pay in Cash, Honolulu, Hawaii
Drinking filtered water helps you avoid consuming contaminants and ensures that your body gets enough water. However, not all water filtration systems are created equal. Ha...read more
Alkaline Water for Your Pets, Honolulu, Hawaii
Pets are members of the family, and you want the best for them, so provide your furry friends with healthy drinking water. Unlike tap water, animals that drink alkaline water&nb...read more
What Happens When You Drink Rusty Water?, Honolulu, Hawaii
As a child, you may have been told to wear shoes and avoid rusted metal—that’s because rust has long been associated with blood-borne pathogens, like Clostridium tetani, a bacte...read more
The Benefits of Acidic & Alkaline Water for Agricultural Use, Honolulu, Hawaii
Every organism on Earth requires water, but not all plants thrive in the same conditions. While some species grow best in acidic environments, others might grow faster with a supply ...read more
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