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New York Investment Services Businesses
JSBarkats, PLLC, Business Attorneys, Investment Services, Attorneys, New York, New York
18 East 41st Street, 14 Floor
New York, NY 10017
(646) 502-7001
When you need aggressive, proactive attorneys who will work hard to protect the interests of your business, turn to the highly experienced legal professionals at JSBarkats, PLLC. With offices in New York City, these skilled corporate law...
Business Scout, Investment Services, Investment Advice, Business Investors & Loans, Hewlett, New York
357 Hamilton Ave
Hewlett, NY 11557
(718) 510-3613
The world is full of struggling companies that only need the expertise of an experienced business scout and the financial support of an angel investor to find their way to success. To help these two populations find one an...
3 Excellent Reasons to Consider Investing in a Company, Hempstead, New York
While investing in a company can also be one of the most profitable places to put your money. According to Business Scout, a Hewlett, NY, organization dedicated to connecting more
What Is an Angel Investor & How Can They Help Your Business?, Hempstead, New York
Do you need some help with your business startup? Many entrepreneurs turn to an angel investor to help them succeed. It’s an attractive option for both small- and medium-sized more
3 Things to Know When Working With a Business Investing Company, Hempstead, New York
When your small business needs an infusion of cash to purchase more inventory or expand your physical location, the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program offers the more
Fund Your Start-Up: 5 Benefits of Working With Business Scout, Hempstead, New York
Deciding to make a financial investment in a business poised for growth or prepping for a strong launch takes time and research. The search doesn’t have to be overwhelming when more
How Business Scouts Facilitate Sound Investments , Hempstead, New York
Angel investors and budding businesses go hand in hand. To simplify and expedite the investment process, Business Scout in Hewlett, NY, helps connect angel investors with the most more
​New York Securities Attorney Discusses Regulation A + , Manhattan, New York
If your company needs to raise capital but is not public, you may be considering Regulation A +, which consists of filing an offering circular with the SEC. Going through the more
NYC Law Firm Explains 3 Types of Crowdfunding, Manhattan, New York
In recent years, crowdfunding has proven to be an effective, engaging way to raise necessary funds. The New York City law firm JSBarkats, PLLC offers representation as a more
Apple, The FBI, & Privacy: A New York City Corporate Lawyer Shares 3 Important Insights, Manhattan, New York
Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Crucial questions of liberty and more
Sunny Barkats Discusses 4th Amendment Privacy, Manhattan, New York
Sunny Barkats on Thomson Reuters about the 4th Amendment Privacy vs. Security and the FBI and Apple Battle over the Encryption of the San Bernardino Terrorist Iphone. read more
3 Things to Know About Regulation A Plus and Capital Raises, Manhattan, New York
If you’re looking to raise money for a privately held company via Regulation A, you’ll find that the rules have recently changed. Now referred to as Regulation A Plus or IPO-lite, more